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The proceedings for the third Computational Humanities Research Conference #CHR22 have been published 🥳: You can already dive into the papers (15 long and 14 short) and prepare thought-provoking questions 🧐 for the speakers at the conference, for which you can still register: 2022.computational-humanities-

Argent dépensé par les compagnies d’assurance maladie en publicité:
+de 100 millions de francs cette année,estime Schneuwly. C’est bcp d’argent payé avec les primes d’assurance
[il faut être tolérant puisqu'elles aident le CF dans sa stratégie pandémique]

#introduction Bonjour à toutes et tous! Je suis linguiste à l'Université de Lausanne, Suisse.
Je travaille principalement en #pragmatique avec un intérêt particulier pour la linguistique de #corpus et les interfaces avec la #sémantique et la #multimodalité. Mes travaux ont porté ou portent notamment sur la #deixis, l'#argumentation, l'#interaction, l'#épistémique dans la conversation quotidienne, les discours et débats politiques, les réunions d'entreprise et les jeux vidéo. À bientôt!

Proud to introduce my new activitypub project: . Do you wish to follow on mastodon some people that are still on the bird site? Now you can! You can even follow the muskrat if you want @elonmusk (but why would you?)

Perhaps at some point I'll write a thread on my deep concerns about our reliance on Google Scholar.

For now, though, why on earth does Google Scholar not let you sort your search results?

You have basically one choice: to see them in "relevance" order—and we're not even told the secret formula used to determine relevance.

You can also sort by date—for papers from the past year only.

It's really crazy that a mature tool supposedly designed to serve the community would be severely limited.

Early January this year I bought Santa Claus with “Weihnachtsgans Auguste,” and finally they are in the open!

My 3278 keyboard has a firmly label "LAND DATA Dr. Rehak" firmly affixed. LAND DATA was a company specializing in accounting services for farmers. I wonder how APL came into the picture.

Un outil précieux !⤵️


#RetroMagazineSearch : Le moteur de recherche indexant en texte intégral +800k pages de vieux magazines d'#informatique et #jeuxvidéos est de nouveau disponible grâce aux serveurs du Bon voyage dans le temps !


Went on a road trip today to acquire an IBM 3278 so that I can experience the IBM mainframe feeling in an appropriate fashion, using - The keyboard is of the German APL variant and looks awesome after some cleaning. Now I need to find a DP8341N and the three-way transformer. #retrocomputing

«‹Je n'étais pas au courant qu'il fallait avoir des lumières la nuit et que c'était obligatoire›, a reconnu un cycliste.»

M’enfin. La nuit, il fait noir ou bien!?

Le Seeland, les Alpes bernoises (1-3), le Mont-Blanc (4) et... le Moléson (4) vus depuis Macolin.

Finally took delivery of our G2 grinder.

It replaces a Eureka Mignon Silenzio, which is also a good grinder, but the G2 has some unique features—and of course, the design matches that of the Zuriga espresso machine…

The #Stockholm subway has been described as the world's longest art exhibit since many of its stations feature murals and art installations. To thank for it are in particular artists Vera Nilsson and Siri Derkert who lobbied in the 1950s for art to be integrated into the new subway system.
Let's have a look at some of its station designs #mastoart #design #publicart

My first book, Language and the Rise of the Algorithm, is for sale now on Amazon!

Bringing together the histories of #mathematics, #computerscience, and #linguistics, Language and the Rise of the Algorithm offers a wide-ranging tour of the intellectual developments that produced the modern idea of the #algorithm, from Renaissance #algebra to recent advances in #machinelearning.

#histtech #histodons #histstm #Leibniz #algorithms #language

Reminder to start your weekend: we have a Ph.D. candidate position in the Digital Humanities department to fill! Applications close on Monday the 28th.

I'm hiring 2 PhDs in Digital Humanities and Natural Language Processing for the GOLEM project (computational literary studies, fanfiction, reading studies, cultural evolution)

Here are the details of the positions:
#academicmasdoton #academicjobs #jobvacancy #joblisting #DigitalHumanitis #computationallinguistics #ComputationalLiteraryStudies #naturallanguageprocessing #nlp

It's just occurred to me that I haven't shared my foolproof template for good abstracts on Mastodon yet, so here it is


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