@freemo I'm sorry to read that. My condolences.

@freemo woo! I'll use my share to buy a scratch-off card.

@freemo I'm pretty sure I've seen aeronaut and aquanaut used by others, and I like XKCD's chrononaut.

In interest of consistency of roots, maybe hydronaut ("aqua" being Latin) would be better than aquanaut.

And why not geonaut instead of gianaut?

@freemo the implication that those wearing masks are opposed to being armed is a false dichotomy.

@freemo it should make better textured bread, for sure.

@freemo given TANSTAAFL, how is all this funded?

@mngrif I saw this silliness in a Walgreen's in Honolulu when I needed earplugs while working in an aircraft hanger on a business trip. The funny thing was, the pink ones were on sale, while the blue ones were not. So I suppose it was a negative pink tax.

When you clear all the cookies in your browser, trying to solve an issue, and it doesn't solve the problem, but now you have to relog into every single website you regularly visit. 😩

Samuel @sbjohnsrpi yes, I do. I even say something out loud, like 'aha!', sometimes, and then feel really stupid not remembering why I said it.

@doctorow because wearing a fedora is what makes one a business person. LOL

DaveTLV @Surasanji I like 'the elixir of the gods'. Or, if you prefer, „Das Elixier der Götter“.

@freemo Fair enough as to the meaning of degrees. Mr Trump claims a BS from Wharton, and I believe that the alternative meaning of BS is the more appropriate.

As to Ms Ocasio-Cortez, I think that she is symptomatic of the fact that millennials do not feel that the current leadership of the two major parties represents them.

I expect that the NY Democratic party will ensure that her district is drawn out of existence before the next election, as they'd rather not deal with her. But I also expect that she is not going away; she has a constituency beyond her district.

@freemo I think that illustration speaks more of the one who made it than it does of Ocasio-Cortez, who graduated cum laude from Boston University.

As to 'immature, childish, and uneducated way of speaking', I think that pretty well nails Mr Trump. I agree that it is hard to look past for someone in his position, and is very cringe worthy.

There is plenty of reason to expect that AOC will mature in her role. Sadly, two years have shown little sign of improving Mr Trump.

@Surasanji you have to take care of yourself first, whether that is going home, or just going for a long walk. Take care, and know that you are important.

@Surasanji yes, I do know that feeling. It doesn't happen often, but occasionally, I want to curl up under my desk and cry, and have know idea why. Fortunately, it eventually passes.

@cambridgeport90 Thanks! What services are you self-hosting, versus using externally? Do you have any sort of NAS or SAN? What network pipe do you have? Sorry for being overly nosy, but my curiosity is based on trying to redefine my own home network needs.

I think I'm going to need to set up a DMZ to isolate a couple of Win XP systems that my sweetie insists on continuing to use.

@cambridgeport90 what does your home server topology look like?

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