@furgar @SirBrockFNSamson Im ultra left in the liberal sense of Voltaire and non elitism. not the new double think standard you all are redefining lefty to.

@furgar @jhclouse @anornymorse

oh and transgendered peiople can exist but stay the fuck away from me.

I'll call it a girl or boy if it asks in front of its face but with my buddies I call it, it.

@furgar @jhclouse @anornymorse

I am far left not authoritarianstyle donald trump, joe biden, democrats, republicans... canadian LibConDP can all go fuck them selves time for a guillotine purge.

@furgar he eventually rubs everyone the wrong way.. we can still appreciate that his pragmatic position in software freedom is a pillar of good shit in our lives.

@kyle Im sorry to hear that from the puri.sm perspective.

Hope they come out with a higher quality laptop eventually I bought a librem13 and it fell apart fairly quickly, I still use it as a remote box.

I really appreciate the efforts to create a secure privacy orientated latpop x86_64 without the Intel management engine .

Happy free doming.

does anyone know if x.ai is freesoftware opensource ?

@freemo @feld did you buy them purely for color matching or do they hold any personal meaning and value to you beyond color?

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For some reason I'm proud of myself that I've started consistently shutting down the computer by clicking the shutdown icon instead of switching to the terminal and typing "sudo shutdown -h now".

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New blog post:

Funkwhale 1.3.1 is here! This release contains several bugfixes and quality of life improvements.



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@freemo apparently you will want to get to 4.1.2 ASAP... usually vulns like this come with a few patches over the following xyz short period of time.

@freemo A new critical vulnerability found in mastadon that got a 9.9 CVE which apparently is not yet found in the wild but when fully disclosed will be root access from your toot'n server.

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I just finished reading Issue 42 (Spring 2023) of the Free Software Foundation's Bulletin. It has a story, by Alper Atmaca (@alper) of the Free Software Association (Özgür Yazılım Derneği) in Turkey, about how the "OsmAnd+"/"OsmAnd~" mapping application -- available on #FDroid for #Android devices -- was crucial in aiding them while they were responding to the earthquakes in #Turkey in February. #OsmAnd works offline (for both mapping and routing), can work with raw UTM coordinates, and is #FreeSoftware. While other proprietary solutions were dependent upon the now-defunct grid system of electricity and internet to function, OsmAnd kept on trucking, enabling the rescuer to effectively perform their duties. The #OSM community itself also shines here, in that they volunteered by the thousands to map the extensive damage in days.

It's definitely worth the read, and is a testament to the power and value of Free Software over the supposed superiority of proprietary offerings.

Incidentally, OsmAnd also saved me from (far less mission-critical) headaches once too when the otherwise-reliable cell network in my city went offline while I was doing #GigWork, working for #DoorDash: octodon.social/@aspensmonster/

@fsf @openstreetmap #FSF #FreeSoftwareFoundation #OSM #GIS

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Some people believe there's no purpose to "liking" something on Mastodon since it doesn't affect any algorithm.

Not the case.

It does something incredibly valuable: it acknowledges people.

Which is incredibly powerful, and is all the more important *because* it's not connected to gaming any algorithm.

By liking something on Mastodon, you are doing it honestly -- without any agenda at play other than that you like it.

So go ahead. Click that like button for its own sake.

@freemo looks like a girl is behind you draping her hair over you.

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