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Why is gravity so cheap?

Why Because it's mass-produced.

@Pat I wont post his opions they should be easy enough to find but for identifying purposes this is him.

@Pat his view put short is these vaccines should have been used more strategically for vulnerable only. Mandates are bad. if you need links to the content he has created I can find some links if you like?

@Pat His story is pretty interesting since he also runs a private company and lab that conducts research and nearing retirement at UBC to so he felt safe to talk freely, in recent history alot of his research was into covid immunity and comparing it to vaccine immunity etc. There are videos where he talks about it all. He lobbied gov about natural immunity. He is able to prove natural immunity from h1n1 was even trackable and had noticable impact to making effective anti bodes to covid... He can also track anti bodies that are vaccine caused, natural, a combination and even natural gained without infection(just exposure) ... lots of interesting points.

My biggest take home was the environment he talked about at length among researchers that was mired in fear, cancel culture and research dollars. Pretty interesting stuff.

its tough luck the atmosphere of socially acceptable bullying with the backing of the state and large corprate funds was aloud to stiffle discourse. Dr Pelech invited public debates yet no one would rise to the occasion instead using slander and soft censoring as the tactic.

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Thanks Canadian Covid Care Alliance.

I happen to know one of the founding members and have had personal discussions with him. Dr Steven Pelech, a senate board member at the University of British Columbia and an esteemed neurologist.

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All of our advocacy efforts wouldn't be possible without the generosity of donors like William Hill Jr., Emin Martinian, Portia Jones, Guus Sliepen, Yidong Chong, and Uday Kale #ThankGNU

Hey Hitler was a bad dude. He also thought the world was round.

deep thoughts.

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There is nothing natural about extreme inequality. It is the predictable result of an economic system that distributes income based on who owns the means of production, rather than according to any common-sense principle of labour contribution, human needs or justice.

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The more things change, the more they stay the same. The only solution is taking platforms out of the moderation game. The content-layer of the internet should be moved to neutral protocols.

*You* should be the one who decides what you can read. Not a company. Not a government.

@darth @freemo I'd prefer better tools for users to do blocking of instances, having instance admins do blocking is wrong IMO. Let users choose their own path .

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Assigning your copyright to the FSF helps defend the GPL and keep software free. Thanks to Gregory Martin Pfeil, Danny Yihan He, and Daniel Robert Ziltener for assigning their copyright to the FSF! #GNU #Emacs Learn more at #CopyrightAssignments

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Our Email Self-Defense guide teaches you how to defend yourself and others by using encryption. Check out the updated version, get your GnuPG set up, and share with absolutely everyone you know with #UserFreedom:

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I'm beginning to think that those who have seen the abuse of Twitter by the previous owners and now by Musk, but who haven't yet joined Mastodon, would still rather have elites (whatever their politics) determine the public conversation than let the actual people do that.

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