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Listening to all those new toots :D thanks thanks .. great ironies.

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The Truth About Afghanistan’s Zero Unit Night Raids
CIA-backed operations killed countless Afghan civilians, and the U.S. hasn't been held accountable.

A reporter returns to investigate her past and unravel the legacy of the secretive Zero Units.

#CIA #Afghanistan

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We need to either regulate or bust up corporations (like Ticketmaster) that corner markets. But to do so, we must get big money out of politics.

When monopoly power is combined with political clout, the public gets taken for a ride.

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Chicago’s skyline takes the crown

I shot this a while back on an aerial flight. The fact that the shadows were almost perfectly perpendicular to the lakefront (part of the shoreline anyway) was pure luck. But when I flipped the photo, it turned into a much more dramatic image

#Chicago #Photogrpahy #Architecture #monochromatic #skyline #lakemichigan

wow mastodon is exploding with new users... never thought I would say this thanks haha. While I hoped was fixing that prior to his ownership shit hole. Wouldnt it be funny if just joined up to the fediverse hahaha.

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Ok, it's been 3-weeks since I've joined Mastodon and here's my take away so far:

1. White folx prioritizing their fuckin feeling OVER their IMPACT of their racist behavior

2. I'm thankful that I was strategic in joining the instance I'm on because, due to their efforts, they've DEMONSTRATED their INTENT to prioritize voices like mine

3. As a Black women, there's no truly safe space for us

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For comparison just @FSF thanks to #RMS 's conference in Brno, Czechia in MUNI with the help of free software advocates were able to basically replace proprietary software in education institutions state-wide and all that for next to free.

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Make twitter another mastodon server... fixed.


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These are instructions how you can block content you might not want to see. Welcome to the fedirvese where people can make up their own minds. I personally as a traditional liberal (not the new corporate oxymoron form) like to see everything except spam and make up my own mind.

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I took all the domains from block list and put it in a csv file that can be imported so you can block all hateful instances.
Download it here

How to import

  • go to settings
  • click on import & export
  • click on import
  • under import select domain blocking list
  • then select the csv file you downloaded
  • click upload
    Boom a friendly mastodon & fediverse experience :ablobsmilehappy:
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A reminder for anyone new to mastodon who might not be happy with some of the racist and bad actors out there on other servers... Just import the fediblock list to your personal blocks and you will be safe from the vast majority of bad actors.

I took all the domains from block list and put it in a csv file that can be imported so you can block all hateful ...

Its pretty funny seeing lots of people running from twitter to join mastadon to get away from what they perceive as misinfofmation.

I hope freespeach reigns.. you can hit the ignore buttons. but leave the content that I might want to consider alone.. even if I do not agree I might want to consider how to debate it.

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RT from PACE (@PACE_News)

“It is a very serious matter for democratic countries to spy on their politicians, or their journalists – and to do so for years. It’s a grave abuse of human rights” - rapporteur @PieterOmtzigt, opening today's PACE #spyware hearing.

Watch it again:

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"We live in an age where all of our digital life, all of our communications are now in the cloud, and most of it is hosted overseas. I have no desire to live in a world where five giants own all the files in the world."

~ Frank Karlitschek

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"It is time for the US government to end its prosecution of Julian Assange for publishing secrets. Publishing is not a crime" | Editors and publishers of @guardian @nytimes @el_pais @derspiegel @lemondefr #FreeAssangeNOW

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@twotwenty Hi I enjoyed so much reading you, Im from Argentina and I been curious about another social networks because I was bored of the usuals but I didnt considerate everythinh you re saying. Thank you, I think that too and want my friends to join this platform too 🌎

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Obligatory reminder, to everyone working on #FOSS #FLOSS #opensource projects

You're making alternatives because the status quo is BAD!!!! Don't use corporate platforms to promote your "Free" projects.

You are inadvertently forcing others to also use those platforms, which we all want to escape from!

If you insist that you go where the people are, at the very least maintain a presence on the open alternatives, so we can migrate away from them.

Please and thank you!

Please Boost!!!

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