I've seen a few [email protected] messages lately. The thing about these is that they have never shown up for actual email addresses, but for social media handles (including the Fedi). :rainbowthink:

Nice vid. I've been using Falkon as my main browser on mobile for a while now. With the Chrome theme, Android user agent and some UI tweaks it's by far the best browser IMO.
Also, somehow it works better on the Pinephone than on a desktop.

Never underestimate the amazing ability to waste all your time.

Finally caught up with reading all the stuff that I received over the past week. All that's missing is catching up on the Fedi...

@Demosthenes I use Whalebird on desktop. I don't use the web client because it ends up getting lost in the clutter (of tabs).

@ml Huh, I just tried elpher and it seems to work fine with the version of emacs in Debian's repos.
It really feels very nice to use.

I wonder what those types of tools/companies do when someone's only social media accounts are on places like these (the Fedi).

@coco Isn't this from DuckDuckGo? Pretty sure they've had this for quite a while now.

The worst feeling is when it finally hits you straight in the face that whatever you are doing is incredibly tedious and mentally tiring and you wish you were doing anything else, but you can't stop doing it.
It's like it grinds bit by bit off your mind until the facade collapses, but now it's too late to turn back.

@munitor Yes, it's shit. I still generally like Electron programs better than using the web interface though. Most websites don't work in my browser anyway so it's a moot point.
I don't really use that many websites heavily, so it's not a problem to pull out the occasional Electron program or two.

I've gotten a sudden desire for having standalone clients for websites instead of actually pulling up a web browser and having everything centralized there.
Just feel like there's something lacking when all there is is a web browser.

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