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Evolution always seeks to create a population such that its goal is the proliferation of that species in the short term (in evolutionary terms) with no regard for the future.

Moral conscience is only beneficial to a species when the species exists globally such that there are little or no free resources. Only then is the greater good more beneficial to the survival of the species than the individual or the good of the pack/tribe over another pack/tribe.

However on the flip side intellectual evolution is an advantage even in very sparse populations with plentiful resources. Greater intelligence means you can harvest and utilize those resources more quickly and put them to use growing your family or tribe as well as defending it.

As such due to the nature of evolution moral evolution is doomed to always lag considerably behind intelligent evolution. Furthermore since evolution is, in human life span terms, a very slow process, it isnt something that should be expected to catch up until many generations, and a lot of death has passed first. Due to the nature of intelligence to enable us to find more effective ways of killing ourselves this can inevitably lead to a species destroying itself long before its moral evolution has a chance to balance the equation.

It is this reason that many scientists speculate why we dont see very many radio signals in space indicating alien intelligent life, the theory goes that the very nature of evolution is such that life will almost inevitably destroy itself once it reaches the intellectual singularity before it has a chance to become interstellar and as such simply doesn't have a very long time span where it exists in a state where it gives off radio waves.

Sadly we dont appear as though we are going to be much different in that regard.

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Interesting fact of the day:

Meteores got their name because earlier scientists thought they were made out of hamburgers, so they were called "Meaty Ores". It wasn't until many decades later we discovered this wasn't true but by the then the name was already common place.

Prague is the most beautiful city I have ever been to. Architecture is pure tradition, I love it

Which app do you use for mastodon?

So sad to see our world slowly perish.
An even more depressing fact is that humanity's growth momentum is too great to stop in time before irreversible ruin is brought to our ecosystem. :-(

"Without music, life would be a mistake." -Nietzsche

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В жизни каждого совка наступает момент осознания, что он всю жизнь радостно подмахивал опричникам, считая их "своими", а для них он никакой не свой. Никогда не был.

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If you could snap your fingers and magically re-write the Linux or BSD kernels from C to Rust, would you do it?

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How to block/mute all bots on ?
They're clogging up my feed.

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Why are there so many Japanese here on Mastadon? Is it that popular in Japan? Just curious..

Darn Sun, do you have to shine on me while I work?
Can't wait for winter darkness

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Let's settle it once and for all.

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's icecast stream directory is an underrated feature. Gives you easy access to thousands of streams. Some of them play quite good !

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