@dbattistella where in the world did Republicans promise to end civil rights if you vote Republican?

@TheConversationUS but that description is kind of self -refuting.

It’s not that a second Trump presidency is a danger to democracy but rather a product of democracy.

I mean, I don’t think he can win, but if he does, it reflects what the people want. Yay democracy.

I agree that it’s more to do with things other than Trump himself, but that’s exactly why it is a product of democracy.

@Free_Press Oh come on.

It’s Biden who botched the support for Ukraine for a year, refusing to give them the resources they needed even though it was authorized by Congress.

You can’t blame Republicans for that, or Trump.

@dalfen keep in mind that the rules of the House allow for a bill to bypass the Speaker if it has strong support.

We really should push back against the stories about congressional leadership stopping bills when really it’s up to the people we elect, the rank and file, who don’t push the legislation forward but blame leadership instead.

@Daniel_Keppler Yeah but he’s going to need a lot more than that to actually win the presidency, which is the whole problem.

It doesn’t look like Trump can win it. Folks voting for Trump for Republican nominee might be handing the presidency to the Democrats.


@freemo a while back, maybe last year? I heard somebody propose that these days Republicans tend to err in magnitude while Democrats err in direction or sign.

Since then it’s been very interesting to think about current events through that lens.

For example, off the top of my head, you could consider federal government deficit spending where Republicans have been talking as if it’s the end of the world while Democrats have been talking as if it’s actually a good thing.

So I don’t think Democrats are following suit, but they are committing their own errors in ways that are orthogonal to the errors of Republicans.

To put it simplistically, it’s almost like Democrats are doing a good job of a bad task while Republicans are doing a bad job of a good task.

I don’t know which is worse, but I personally find the Republican side to be more frustrating.


You’re overlooking that on BlueSky users have a lot more authority so that the federation between servers isn’t nearly as important.

And that such an important difference between the two platforms, between the two approaches.


@TCatInReality again, that’s not how the US government works.

If the people that we elect to Congress aren’t interested in doing something, that’s not an obstacle, that’s just representative government representing a population as not being interested in moving.

And right, presidents frequently attempt to exceed their authority. We need more impeachments, and we need more presidents removed from power when they do that.

That doesn’t mean Biden didn’t exceed his authority. It means we are way too accepting of presidents doing that, and without repercussions they will continue to do it.


@SteveThompson I don’t think it’s a sneaky end run. It’s more a case of overt reasoning that the jury conclusion was puzzling, and so shouldn’t have final say.

Nothing sneaky about it.

@swanksalot Well it comes down to federal legislation, not something for the court itself to decide.

It’s important to highlight that because we need to stop re-electing legislators who aren’t legislating the way we would like.

@nashvilleguy Wait, it sounds like you are saying all of the angst over voter fraud has nothing to do with actual fraud in a message expressing angst over voter fraud saying it is actual fraud.


@GayDeceiver I’ve always thought that Robin Williams was amazingly overestimated, and let off the hook for so much misbehavior, on screen and off, and this is part of that.

Yeah, a fourth child. An insufferable fool. But then, that was the actor’s whole schtick, that people enjoyed and wanted more of for some reason.

I never found it funny. I always found it sad.

@kikobar The ax that I grind is that Fediverse clients should focus a lot more on empowering users to shape their own experiences, which includes things like avoiding spam.

So from my perspective, the lesson should be learned that we should push forward in that direction.

I think this is another example of a place where the instance focused strategy has failed. It was always just waiting to happen.

@HistoPol The problem is that a lot of that has already been debunked.

It looks like a clear pattern if you don’t take into account that a lot of it just isn’t the sensational story that pro-publica is trying to sell to the public.


@SparkleTea Well the actual fuck is that she believes something that is a pretty mainstream belief, that a ton of people believe.

There’s nothing particularly surprising to it.

@JesseStone it’s another example of Biden screwing up and wasting months going down a dead end road instead of just getting the job done.

@Wtdrisco raises hand

A lot of people would like to have different currencies more than they would like to keep holding Bitcoin at these prices, so we are cashing out.

@CSB @Tony2Fingers

I often stay up to date with media in just to keep apprised of what the is talking about, or to put it in a different way, so you don’t have to, but lately it’s getting just two much even for me.

It’s one thing to disagree with facts that are working with, but lately they are getting more and more unhinged in their actual arguments, contradicting themselves but seeming oblivious of it.

For example, this week I heard the line that progressive attacks against are good for him because they will make him seem moderate to voters. If the ideologues are attacking him, then he must be moderate, right? But then the next moment that same presenter started talking about progressive attacks against without applying the exact same reasoning to that case.

In the past few weeks mainstream conservative talking points have just gotten ridiculous in their blind support for Trump. They’ve stopped talking about policy, or their claims about accomplishments, or anything like that. Now it’s just getting into chanting that really didn’t exist before.

On one hand, it’s sad to watch, it’s pathetic, and on the other hand it’s boring.

So I figure they are setting themselves up for a repeat of the red wave that never showed up during the last election. They are not setting themselves up to win.

Sigh. I wish they would at least make it interesting to watch.

@gwynnion meh, Occam’s Razor would have us at least consider explanations that are more straightforward than that.

The puritanical nonsense about sex work might simply be reflective of an attitude that values old-fashioned notions of family, sentimental images that don’t particularly involve ownership or commoditization.

It’s a reach to go there.

@thisismissem frankly, a big problem around here is that different people disagree about the direction that they would have the ship steered.

It’s not as simple as hiring people to do the work. A big issue is that different people disagree about what work needs to be done.

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