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I am using nextcloud, I did have dropbox it kept harassing me and telling me I was near a limit, this was due to me sharing with someone else. I didn't get how to actually fix the issue so just dumped it.

Nice thing about @disroot hosting @nextcloud is that you can get help via a quick e-mail if needed. It also easy to add extra storage space as needed.

Spiro’s Ghost

1) The level of COMPLETELY delusional insanity/lying here is breathtaking, even for him

2) The fucking illiterate imbecile cannot spell the word STOLEN!

Intro: I'm a software engineer (oracle, pl/sql, apex, js, forms), geek, like dogs, beer and metal. Left-leaning, liberal, anti-fash. Meet Luna. 😍 #dogsofmastodon #introduction

@mguhlin @edtech

Yeah we have content filtering over here too. Not sure if it is to that extent as we have schools tied in to Google, MS and apple too.

Paul, FOSS advocates in US K-12 public schools often end up as pariahs (unsupported by research) or money-saving heroes.

Don't confuse "Gaggle" with "Google." It's not a typo, Gaggle is a separate company that's been around for a long time filtering and "protecting" students from themselves and other bad actors.

School districts choose Gaggle to assist them in monitoring students emails for suicide prevention, drugs, plots, etc.

@zleap @edtech

Ya think?

“President #Biden delivered a compelling speech outlining a vision to make life better for everyday Americans” #Jeffries tweeted following the #SOTU speech.

“And his dignity presented a stark contrast with the right-wing extremists who are 👉🏼unfit to serve👈🏼,” he added.

To continue...

Google Workspace for Education and Microsoft 365, or Apple, are so deeply adhered to in K-12 school leadership, there's no escaping the ecosystem chosen. Often, they mix all three in a chaotic jumble that leave educators and students falling between the cracks in Single Sign-On, file sharing, and account management.

If you work or study in public schools, you'll end up using a top-down controlled system that offers no privacy and is designed for surveillance.

@zleap @edtech

I came across a term a few years ago. This was 'Thunderclap' the idea was simple, at a set agreed time / date everyone posts amessage to promote a particular cause or event. The result is a lot of social media, websites all display the same or similar content as part of posts or scheduled content.

So very similar to a real clap of thunder where it just happens.

Perhaps we need something similar with things like this.

If you have this video available to download then others can also upload to their own peertube and other video sharing services, and get it out that way too.

@mguhlin @edtech

1. Google should not be allowed to do this in the first place
2. What is stopping schools simply promoting alternatives e.g promote duckduckgo, nextcloud etc
3. Don't schools also have a duty of care towards promoting children and young people? Does this monitoring conflict with that?
4. If you choose to use google you are choosing to be followed around, i should have the right to not be followed around and monitored.

We can't apply critical thinking to what we use for online platforms unless we know the choices.

I would like the official US National Park Service account to come to Mastodon

Hey! For an upcoming podcast, I’m looking to talk to people who were undecided about having kids in their 30s and ultimately decided against it. If you’d be interested in talking to me, pls DM me or email me Thank you!

Interesting, Stalin, Pol Pot and Hitler had their gifs removed from Giphy. But anything North Korea goes, Kim Jong Il and Kim Jong Un are OK. As is Lenin! Seems their community guidelines aren't as well applied across the board I guess?

The @EU_Commission should propose developing common standards for producing and exporting weapons and ammunition.

"On this basis, we can build real military capabilities - from European cyber to missile defense systems", says @ManfredWeber.



After several cases of apps that sell discounted drugs selling customer's health records to Meta without the users' knowledge, here we go with the case of a public hospital selling medical records to Meta.

This is wrong in so many levels it makes me wanna stop the world and get off.

We need international laws that strictly regulate the sharing of medical records with private businesses (especially those that aren't professionally qualified to handle them), and we need them now.

Dear software developers. I do not want chatGPT in anything I use. At all. Thanks.

I did some research into my home network tonight and found out my 'smart bulbs' were borking my gateway, trying to reach out.

Time to roll back to traditional soft light LEDs.

@InayaShujaat @constantine @atomicpoet

I have been given very helpful and useful pointers on topics such as black history, or more as a starting point for research

It is not simply about finding information, but the quality of that information too.

If I wanted to promote chemistry careers, then having a display with a range of people from a wide range of backgrounds and ethnic groups why not ask for help as to who people would recommend,, that also shows you value input from a range of background and groups.

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