@freemo There is one user who posts here and is a Uni Comp Sci professor, in Seattle I think. Name?

Search found. Peter Drake.


@freemo Now that we mentioned him maybe Peter could help?


@design_RG @freemo Sorry, I don't work much in C / C++. I mostly do Java and Python.

@hansw not sure, dockcross (another approach I tried) would have it i think at a minimum

@freemo See the output you posted elsewhere. It complains about it.

@freemo I think the only way is with mingw. You wouldn't have the necessary libraries to link against, such as win32.dll, on a gnu+linux system.

MinGW does some magic analogous to wine.

I *guess* you could also install cygwin on wine, then gcc on it, then compile it as if you were on windows.

Cross-compiling is usually just for the same OS on different hardware architectures.

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