S4E5: Harry's trying to get assimilated into a collective of two 💕😙🤖

S4E5: Harry's trying to get assimilated into a collective of two 💕😙🤖

S4 E8 (year of hell): did Janeway forget about the warning from Kes? It's even the same temporal variance. They could have had temporal shielding much earlier...probably.

S4 E3: 4 things. 1. why they hatin' on Seven? Can't lay the Borg's crimes at her feet. 2. Voyager does have transwarp experience from Tom's trip. 3. Why's a former Borg wearing lipstick? 4. glad to see Vorik again (🖖favorite secondary character🖖)

S3 E4: less compelling dramatically, but it seems like the EMH wouldn't have degraded as quickly if they had turned it off once they saw there was a problem

S2 E26: I don't understand why Chakotay feels obligated to care for this kid of Seska's. It's 100% not his problem, whatever his dead dad might say

I was surprised how relatively simple the decision was for Janeway to destroy in S2 E21. Like, there was just a throwaway mention by Harry of the weirdness of essentially occupying an alternate reality. It *does* make sense though that they're used to that kind of thing with transporters.

Did the universal translators ever get updated to translate Tamarian or is the language just too contextual? imagine, Starfleet diplomats taking a history course just to talk to those guys

If I were in Janeway's position in S1E1, I probably would have had Tuvok send home. The Ocampa weren't their responsibility and anyway couldn't they set a time-delayed bomb or smth if they wanted to blow up the matrix?

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