S4E5: Harry's trying to get assimilated into a collective of two 💕😙🤖

Ensign Ayala over there as usu. Just fillin in the scene, not doin sh*t.

S4E5: Harry's trying to get assimilated into a collective of two 💕😙🤖

S4 E8 (year of hell): did Janeway forget about the warning from Kes? It's even the same temporal variance. They could have had temporal shielding much earlier...probably.

S4 E3: 4 things. 1. why they hatin' on Seven? Can't lay the Borg's crimes at her feet. 2. Voyager does have transwarp experience from Tom's trip. 3. Why's a former Borg wearing lipstick? 4. glad to see Vorik again (🖖favorite secondary character🖖)

S3 E4: less compelling dramatically, but it seems like the EMH wouldn't have degraded as quickly if they had turned it off once they saw there was a problem

S2 E26: I don't understand why Chakotay feels obligated to care for this kid of Seska's. It's 100% not his problem, whatever his dead dad might say

I was surprised how relatively simple the decision was for Janeway to destroy in S2 E21. Like, there was just a throwaway mention by Harry of the weirdness of essentially occupying an alternate reality. It *does* make sense though that they're used to that kind of thing with transporters.

Remember that episode when Tom Paris almost becomes a time lord?

Did the universal translators ever get updated to translate Tamarian or is the language just too contextual? imagine, Starfleet diplomats taking a history course just to talk to those guys

If I were in Janeway's position in S1E1, I probably would have had Tuvok send home. The Ocampa weren't their responsibility and anyway couldn't they set a time-delayed bomb or smth if they wanted to blow up the matrix?

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