Also used the same quantity of dough to make this ball. I assume it's basically a rock because of how dense it would be but IDK. I made it as a kind of joke.

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These were supposed to be pretzels but they're mostly rolls instead cuz I'm lazy

This is fun little gem: a song about Quarks (not the Hank Green one)

: scrambled eggs with kale, parsley, jalapenos, garlic, and mushrooms
+ oatmeal with honey, PB, banana and my secret blend of spices 😋

Baked potatoes, jalapeno, garlic, parsley and zucchini. One of my weirder late night meals

attempted a potato curry. ended up with curry-flavored mash potatoes. still pretty good though.

a pretty chill 🐰 in my yard. even lying down though, it's little head was nearly vibrating

Smells sweet! Based loosely on this recipe:
I make it non-vegan though by using a chicken egg rather than a "flax egg". I also use maybe half the sugar (bananas are already sweet!) and add chocolate chips sometimes (like today). I added half a tbsp of vanilla extract, some lemon juice (maybe a teaspoon or two) and let the batter rest before putting it in the pan to see if I could make it a bit "fluffier". I think it worked?

I didn't know google outsources its streetview data collection. makes sense though: why wouldn't they?

Who wore it best?

Is there just one firm building websites in this niche?

can we not?
(hate the cold. one of these days, I'm moving to the tropics)

A creek near my home.
There's some trash on the bank. No fish or other animals that I could see, unfortunately. Still looks nice though.

economy. pandemic. a swear 

So, a K-shaped recovery is called that because there's an idea of two broad segments of the economy with one that dips and then comes back up and another that starts off low and stays low, so like if you charted both together, it would look like a "K" rotated 90 degrees CCW? I can't tell if I visualize things differently than most people or if this is just shitty terminology.
A truth I grasped early on is that being a computer programmer means being excited about rather weird things...
Anyway, I'm looking forward to this finally landing in my preferred distro

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