can we not?
(hate the cold. one of these days, I'm moving to the tropics)

A creek near my home.
There's some trash on the bank. No fish or other animals that I could see, unfortunately. Still looks nice though.

economy. pandemic. a swear 

So, a K-shaped recovery is called that because there's an idea of two broad segments of the economy with one that dips and then comes back up and another that starts off low and stays low, so like if you charted both together, it would look like a "K" rotated 90 degrees CCW? I can't tell if I visualize things differently than most people or if this is just shitty terminology.
A truth I grasped early on is that being a computer programmer means being excited about rather weird things...
Anyway, I'm looking forward to this finally landing in my preferred distro

The rabbits weren't a factor in my moving here, but they're nice to have around.

I don't think that's how monitor mounts work😂

Ensign Ayala over there as usu. Just fillin in the scene, not doin sh*t.

turns out I'm not crazy, i just never looked at Gboard settings.

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