attempted a potato curry. ended up with curry-flavored mash potatoes. still pretty good though.

Finally tried this pancake recipe:
I can confirm, they are very fluffy and pretty good with chocolate chips. 😋 The apple cider vinegar and almond milk mix smells disgusting, but it doesn't carry into the final product.
This is a really nice way to cook potatoes. IMHO, you don't really need the vinegar: just parboil, toss with fat and seasoning, then roast.

I like adding Cajun seasoning and smoked paprika with the salt and pepper.😋

Replaced the cilantro and parsley with spinach in my baked falafel patties, and it turned out OK. I only had to bake it for longer (~40 minutes vs ~20) because of the extra water, but it's still definitely a falafel flavor. I did add some ground coriander to the mix though to make up for the absent cilantro and parsley flavors.

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