@InvaderXan I'm more interested in the things an immortal doesn't know. there was a clever film about a guy who claims he's immortal among a gathering of friends and they spend the evening trying to find out if he's crazy, just having a laugh, or the real deal. he just had a normal human memory though, so he found out about major events in his life from history books and documentary

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Game development: the best worst hobby.

Like creating your own worlds, and doing lots of complicated things yourself with only a loose understanding of how it's going to all fit together?

Love to spend long hours making complex assets and realizing that your character can still only pick up his paycheck at the grocery store?

Have badass ideas about fantasy worlds and unique game mechanics, but struggling to get some text to properly render on a rectangle in the right way?


Installed an over-the-range microwave today

[Family Handyman Level 3!]

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this #dalle stuff can be very painterly and there's a sweet spot between abstract and figurative. Plus it churns out really vivid colour palettes. #aiart

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procedural techniques x CGI in blender has so much potential
RT @Default_Cube
Cake made with modifiers and #geometrynodes from a single vertex
#b3d #blender3d

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🤖 #NASA 's #rover #Perseverance has photographed the #horizon at its location on #Mars with the high-resolution Mastcam. You can see a lot of different sized rocks, dunes, distant elevations, the bottom of the crater #Jezero and also crater walls. In total, 79 color photos were taken by Perseverance on its fourth day on Mars.

An assembled #panorama can be seen here:

#science #research #space

@soup_reviews i met a woman who kinda did the reverse. lived in NYC and flew to Dallas and back for a job every week. she wouldn't say what she worked on...

@izaya shit, was it? so when I spent half the day trying to get consistent switching between my Bluetooth headphones and built-in speakers in pulseaudio, I was livin the dream?

if we have networked sensing infrastructure and , why not turn that into a control infrastructure? are hard-we've been working on them for nearly half a century (more of you count some autonomous wheeled robots not made for passengers) and we still aren't there.

controlling vehicles, fitted with relatively simple sensors to verify prespecified dimensions, on a separate lane, with a place map-seems way easier than AVs. that's stuff we pretty much have now and the control logic is relatively simple and easier to manage congestion since it allows for more global control.

Apparently, some are moving in this direction, but they don't go all the way: autocar.co.uk/car-news/industr
They still expect to use AVs, but to give them an 'easy mode'. Maybe this is a sunk costs thing, since I see existing AV players are involved. Better to ditch autonomy and settle for managed roads.

best change from for me is mental. it changes my orientation to the world from being pushed around by it to moving it around me. though the physical aspects of that are minuscule, that thought pattern has made me more intentional in my life overall.

@ccamara well, I just peeked one and it's got a CC label, so looks pretty intentional

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@niconiconi :blob_laughing: really though, there are some teaching young folks abstract algebra. spongy little brains will get that stuff if it's presented the right way

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