how is call/cc used in reality ?

All the examples I see make no sense



you know i am actually pretty fucked in the head that i can read floats just looking at the hex representation

@chjara that's pretty cool actually. haven't had to do anything like that since college exams, but with pen and paper. is it for something you're working on now?

@izaya πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ well, can't say without reading it, but I'll give my honest opinion if you want when you post it

@izaya how does chip design factor into the story? does it drive a major plot point? If it's worth the pay-off in terms of understanding the characters' behavior, I think I wouldn't mind the wonky stuff.

@izaya sure. If you do though, I'll probably be more like "Good stuff! Keep it going". Safe and useless. I tried to critique someone's writing once and got my head bit off by the writer and a booster, so I'm pretty reserved now.

I do like the snippets you've got on the site now though. Also, I can tell you actually know some of this tech first-hand. It'll be cool to see how you balance technical detail with keeping things engaging for the uninitiated.

@izaya Cool. Most of writing is rewriting. I don't think I could do that though: I'd get depressed, distracted, and bored if I didn't put my drafts out there, just to keep the story going and get feedback. That's how I am with code anyway: so many dead-end Git branches that'll never see the light of day.

@izaya aren't the entries out of order? I'd like to read the story when it's fleshed out more...or maybe you already have more?

@izaya I probably will eventually. I'm borderline obsessed with the show. The recent civilian-crewed commercial rocket launches have had me thinking about our possible futures as a space-faring civilization. Stories like The Expanse and Planetes provide some framework to compare against, even if they're friction.

also, some not so subtle. she turns to ice in that same episode when Holden tries to build some rapport with her. Really, a whole lot of Drummer's actions look different if you factor in she might be secretly in love with Nagata. I think I might actually read the books now to see if that's explored more deeply. That or take up writing a fanfic πŸ˜†

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There's some subtle acting by Cara Gee in The Expanse that I didn't pick up on before, probably because I didn't know she was a lesbian (or bi, or whatever), but it seems like she may have liked Naomi as more than just a friend. Like, that scene in S3E12 where Naomi embraces Holden and Drummer turns away...I think that might be the first time it's confirmed visually for her that they're "together".

Southern blot, western blot, eastern bolt, middle-eastern blot, eastern-western blot, northwestern blot, far-eastern blot, and far-western blot are probably the greatest meme naming in biology history. Southern is the original author's name, and all the others are named by follow-up researchers for jokes.


Ohio resident Alan Perkins has taken the 12 foot skeleton game to an entirely new level, building a MASSIVE skeleton bursting out of his home to grab the 12 footer like a toy. Apparently he's still going to add a giant skull bursting through the roof. Just phenomenal work.

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