I was thinking about the controversy over the recent presidential election about alleged voter fraud. It seems pretty unlikely that people, in numbers large enough to sway the election, double-voted: consider maintaining residency in multiple states, somehow avoiding active voter list maintenance, and, at the end of the day, possibly committing a felony all for the nebulous benefit of adding one vote among thousands for your preferred candidate. The value proposition just doesn't work out (Besides it's hard enough to get people to vote *once* in this country).

That said, it's not clear to me that there aren't gaps that could allow for voting twice in a federal election (see links below). It would be good for states to plug those holes if they haven't and make it very clear how they're doing it. Though it wouldn't shut-up people who are willfully ignorant from claiming widespread voter fraud, it might at least lessen the noise from the intellectually lazy.


it's a real pain to get election results that span counties, but aren't statewide. counties only report their own votes, but voting districts don't necessarily fall within a single county and news coverage just doesn't go down to that level in a lot of cases. Easiest is just to wait and see who is in office next year

I helped someone plan to tomorrow. Felt about 5x better than whatever it is I'm doing at my actual job.

I voted and it turns out my polling place actually has paper ballots. last time I voted was in a different county and they're was no paper record that I could see. I don't know if they do risk-limiting audits though...

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