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My thesis is now publicly available! Might be interesting if you're into , Gaussian processes, uncertainty, surrogates and decision making. Or it might not be interesting.

"What might come as a big surprise to those of us deeply embedded in academic culture is that what we have achieved doesn’t matter so much as what we are capable of doing. That tall stack of publications might have zero value outside academia, but all of the talents that we racked up in the process of producing those papers can be highly valuable."

The early software industry was nerds having a blast but the way it works these days, most workplaces for programmers are software factories. Contractor shops where the work is often meaningless and repetitive. If you're a programmer and you don't have a job like that, you're among the lucky ones, and should remain quiet.

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@thor Have you noticed the odd duality of optimization and inefficiencies in the last decade?

@AmpBenzScientist I'm looking at working in healthcare. I've realised that my sharp mind can be applied toward a nobler goal than computers. I can understand people, places, objects and social relationships using the same analytical abilities that made me a good computer programmer, but with much more meaning.

@thendrix If you get Yerba Mate, you could get the same warning.

@thor I certainly have followed my passions. There are just so many things to be passionate about.

The modern world just uses passionate people to grind into nepotistic paste. The only jobs I had that didn't grind me down were working on equipment and doing IT work. I miss them both but it always felt like I was pissing my life away at it.

On the other hand, I can always keep doing what I find fulfilling in my own time. That's one of the reasons why I'd rather just work on and with heavy equipment. They can't own my mind. If I find something that could assist the operation, I'll make sure to make a money pit of a reverse engineering task.

@AmpBenzScientist Poor impulse control is modern name for following your heart, which has gone out of fashion.

@AmpBenzScientist It's easy enough to accommodate for those with low impulse control, but it tends to be unpopular with everybody else.

Future Organ Donors of America.

Not A Single Child Tested Proficient In Math In 67 Illinois Schools

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