@trinsec Swampy! Currently 28 degC with a nice breeze. Feels like late Spring/early summer for a QLD Australian I suppose.

@jellycrystals Ew, swampy, that's one of the worst feelings. 😬
What was your previous location again? How big of a jetlag is it?

@freemo @trinsec @jellycrystals Preach! All the more reason to buy both a bidet and ventilated seats in your car 😂


@johnabs @freemo @trinsec @jellycrystals you have a bidet in your car? :amaze:

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@Biggles @freemo @trinsec @jellycrystals Hah, of course I do, what kind of uncouth ruffian do you take me for? Honestly, you peasants never cease to amaze me 😏...😂😂😂

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