Just paid for another year upfront for the servers. Cost me about $1,500 and there are still some monthly fees added to that... QOTO aint cheap :)



@freemo @QOTO is there any profit or just peace of mind knowing that you are helping out OSS?

@Co @freemo @QOTO
He profits off the ideas other people post on his server. Think of it as a thinktank/incubator with lots of shitposting.

@lucifargundam @Co @QOTO

I profit only very indirectly. Long before I hosted QOTO I had a large amount of content I was developing or developed that was open-source/open-science/open-hardware. I mostly kept it on github. I started QOTO so I had a place to host everything I needed for myself, gitlab for most of my materials, funkwhale because i wanted to start doing podcasts (which I never got around to), and this site as a way to get the word out about my projects and collaborate. In the spirit of open-source I figured I'd open it to anyone to use with a similar need as mine, a place to do open-STEM and collaborate as they do it.

So I profit in much the same way any user of QOTO profits really, by having a STEM platform focused at "creators".

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