Just paid for another year upfront for the servers. Cost me about $1,500 and there are still some monthly fees added to that... QOTO aint cheap :)


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@freemo @QOTO wow! I guess that's the price of the best Mastodon instance I know. Thank you!

@freemo I gather that's much more than just Mastodon and Fediverse-related things?

Thanks for hosting our insanity. :)

@freemo @QOTO Nicee! :ms_clap_clw:​ Damnnmm, I wish I could pay a year upfront :amaze:​ :blobcatgiggle:​

@freemo @QOTO is there any profit or just peace of mind knowing that you are helping out OSS?

@Co @freemo @QOTO
He profits off the ideas other people post on his server. Think of it as a thinktank/incubator with lots of shitposting.

@lucifargundam @Co @QOTO

I profit only very indirectly. Long before I hosted QOTO I had a large amount of content I was developing or developed that was open-source/open-science/open-hardware. I mostly kept it on github. I started QOTO so I had a place to host everything I needed for myself, gitlab for most of my materials, funkwhale because i wanted to start doing podcasts (which I never got around to), and this site as a way to get the word out about my projects and collaborate. In the spirit of open-source I figured I'd open it to anyone to use with a similar need as mine, a place to do open-STEM and collaborate as they do it.

So I profit in much the same way any user of QOTO profits really, by having a STEM platform focused at "creators".

@freemo @lucifargundam @Co @QOTO Hi! I do audio chats and can turn around an audio file all on my own very fast so if you have anything you want to say or chill around let's do it! Or even just do a small test!

( You said... "...i wanted to start doing podcasts (which I never got around to)," so I would really like to do that also with you - click this post to see original text )

I recommend just a chat either way if you have question but it's really a simple Jitsi chat room and I'll do the rest and show you my work.
Talk about whatever and I'll cut the "best of" and make the flow happen (happy to edit and show you first to get the ok).

See here for existing work / happy chats completed:

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