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Hi all: Less Twitter and more Mastodon exploration. I’m a university professor, technology educator, data analyst, and futurist. I’m intrigued by all things ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; and many other things I have yet to discover! Filed under: currently living in a college world.

I wish everyone a safe and productive new year in 2023. May this year bring you fortune.

Hi everyone - We are the Poldrack Lab at Stanford University. We do cognitive neuroscience research to understand cognitive control and decision making, and we develop tools to help make neuroscience more transparent and reproducible, including OpenNeuro, Neurovault, fMRIPrep, MRIQC, and the Cognitive Atlas.

I've written up an end-of-year review covering all the robots and projects I made in 2022.

Can you believe I made 111 videos?! How many robots did I make, though?

#robotics #robots #micropython #raspberrypi #STEM #maker #AI #ML #Python #robotics

Idea for a little Arduino holiday kit for kids (and keen adults) to work with at the library. #Arduino #LibraryLearningCentre

Excuse me while I move servers over to my natural home: with other writers!

By way of #introduction - Hello peeps! I'm a writer, aspiring author, and improviser. I write both fiction and non-fiction.

My fiction is #speculativefiction. My first manuscript- The Book That Broke The World - is a middle-grade fantasy that was longlisted for the 2018 Hardie-Grant Egmont Ampersand Prize.

Currently working on a second book - an adult spec-fic called The Bones Beneath. Would love to connect. ❤️

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My book📚, “A Student’s Guide to Open Science: Using the Replication Crisis to Reform Psychology” is available to pre-order now! (; A thread of why this book is important to both the field and me! 🧵


Hey, I'm Alex, a #PhD student in #psychology from Leipzig, Germany.

I'm studying visual #semantics – how the brain learns to see meaning in visual objects and words. I'm also exciting about #opensource tools and #reproducibility for #neuroimaging (#fMRI and #EEG) data analysis.

Glad to be here! 🦣

Hello world ! I am a Cognitive Development scientist #biology #psychology #neuroscience & Associate Professor at the #university of #caen #france

I Research #neonate and #infant #brain #development and #neurodevelopmentaldisorders using #neuroimaging #eeg #fnirs #mri

I work with my awesome #decoderesearch team at the #comete1075 lab, with the help of strong coffee, loud music, and cats.

My conversational abilities include #science #babies horse riding and vintage sci-fi
#introduction #introductions

Hi everyone,

I'm an Associate Professor at Northeastern University, where I moved in August after 10 years at Washington University in Saint Louis. I'm in the (expanding! fun!) Center for Cognitive and Brain Health, with appointments in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders and Department of Psychology.

My main research is in the area of speech and language processing, especially how these are affected in the context of adult aging and/or hearing loss. We use behavior, #pupillometry, #fmri, #fnirs, and #eeg/#meg. I have a soft spot for methods papers.

Although sort of lapsed in the midst of my move, I enjoy podcasts: I co-host The Juice and the Squeeze with @juliafstrand, and have been working on The Brain Made Plain (accessible, student-friendly interviews with real neuroscientists).

#introduction #neuroscience #cognition

Here is my :

My name is Daniel Martens, I am a computer scientist developing and maintaining AI-enabled software systems that solve real world problems.

I do not treat AI as a panacea to all our problems, rather - due to my strong requirements and software engineering background - I am aware of the challenges, e.g., maintaining, such software systems brings.

Therefore, I am especially interested and like to exchange on the topic of .

It’s been a very busy few weeks for me! I’m pleased to be back on Mastodon. St. Paul received a fair amount of snow recently, so I shall post a pretty photo from the neighborhood.

Most “normal” people have clothing stacked/hanging on their exercise equipment. Right now, I have 3D printers stacked on top of my stepper machine. I am (not) normal.

Hello 👋 time for an 🐘

I'm a neuroscientist at Stanford in @giocomo's lab studying how neural firing sequences in entorhinal cortex evolve over learning. I'm also the co-chair of the Inhibition in the CNS Gordon seminar in 2023 I love studying all things , spatial learning and memory, and 's disease.

Also I have a dog named Heimdall, king potato and president of derpistan.

Honestly, if this mastodon thing has reminded me anything, it's that the internet is a big place with lots of cool people, making cool stuff.

Maintaining the current fanning out of social media platforms has been totally exhausting. Please enjoy this horseshoe crab.

I saw many posts asking for pictures of pets tonight. is happy to pop into your timeline this evening! Stormy’s not feeling 100% though. Molting is never fun, but the cycle is nearly over. My sweeper has been working overtime!

I went hiking in the Ozarks on Saturday morning and stumbled on a small patch of frost flowers!

This is the first time I've seen them, and I was surprised to see them this late in the year. Frost flowers typically form during the first few hard freezes of fall when sap in certain small plants freezes, rupturing the stem and forcing water out. The water freezes on contact with the air and builds up into distinctive flower-shaped petals!

#Photography #Arkansas #Weather #MacroPhotography #arwx

Earth, as seen from the Moon by the uncrewed Orion capsule on its Artemis I test flight

I am neuroscientist and engineer. Our lab at Johns Hopkins University BME is interested in how the brain computes information about the world and how this representation is shaped by sensory experience from early development up until old age. We focus on the auditory system and use in vitro and in vivo optical and electrophysiological methods, behavioral approaches, etc.


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