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Wall Street has consolidated into 5 giant banks.

Airlines have merged from 12 carriers in 1980 to 4 today.

A handful of drug companies control the pharmaceutical industry.

Four giants control over 80% of meat processing.

The evidence of corporate concentration is everywhere.

A plea to journalists covering the Fediverse:

If you want to pitch a story and the only people you can think of to talk to are Gargron and the Journa Host admin, please don't.

Instead, use the time you saved to learn more about how this network functions, who the people behind ActivityPub are (and what that even is), who the people keeping instances running are, who the people moderating instances are; you can even get your hands dirty by digging through the Mastodon GitHub issue queue and learn why exactly some design decisions ended up the way they did, it's all right there!

Mastodon is not off-brand Twitter. You do this entire community a massive disservice by painting it as such, and you do our profession a disservice by expressing a complete lack of curiosity about this community before you report on it.

Thank you.

This is a very enlightening examination of how broken capitalism is (and how to fix it), presented in a really interesting way.

He talked about electric cars. I don't know anything about cars, so when people said he was a genius I figured he must be a genius.

Then he talked about rockets. I don't know anything about rockets, so when people said he was a genius I figured he must be a genius.

Now he talks about software. I happen to know a lot about software and Elon Musk is saying the stupidest shit anyone's ever said, so when people say he's a genius I figured I should stay the hell away from his cars and rockets.

This is the most accurate characterization and narrative of Musk I have seen. A worthwhile read, and much appreciated.

Yesterday, Elon Musk called former Twitter developer Ian Brown a "jackass" after Ian questioned his plans for a complete Twitter re-write.

The whole conversation was bonkers.

Attached video has the context.

Beautiful timelapse of Earth setting below the Moon's horizon captured by the Japanese lunar orbiter spacecraft Kaguya. ©JAXA/NHK

#moon #earth #japan #timelapse

Should all Journalists show solidarity with the banned accounts on Twitter and stop posting on Twitter?

It is a few today that fell foul of Elon Musk, it could be you tomorrow over something else.

If you see this post, vote and boost it.

On this week's show(, we talked about ChatGPT. Here's some of what @Stoneymonster and Daniel Situnayake had to say on the subject:

I wrote about the Biden administration's tough line on trade — and its blowing off of the WTO 1/

Americans take university sport far too seriously.

Some recent snaps of Downtown #Detroit. 📸

Cadillac Square, Parker’s Alley and The Monroe Street Midway

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