What is the procedure if I'm adding code to a file that's MIT licensed by someone else? I have the right to reuse the code, of course, and I could just keep it as is with the existing copyright notice in its own file. But, I'd like to add my code in the same file - how can I add my copyright for new code alongside the original code?

Just woke up, made my coffee, took my French press, and poured the coffee... on my cereal 😑

Been working on integrating my earlier ncurses-telnet integration into my MUD game. Its been a huge pain in the ass trying to fix various issues including telnet codes, unicode rendering, window refreshing. But seems I have everything but the telnet code sorted out. Here is a little peek at the basic setup (more virtual windows will be added soon). Hopefully I'll have a bug free version to demo in a few days.

Climate Change Will Cause Beer Shortages and Price Hikes, Study Says

Woot! after three seperate failing attempts I managed to get Unicode box drawing characters on NCurses to work through telnet using Ruby. All my attempts in the past either rendered with plain ascii or not at all, it was very ugly.

This will ultimately get integrated into the Open-source :opensource: Ruby :ruby: MUD I've been writing called Aethyr (a text-based mmorpg)

Drinking this morning: a Brazil coffee, City roast. Unassuming, light fruitiness, no bitterness to speak of. A little bit of an off taste that probably means I need to deep clean my french press.


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