Just adjusted the date of a dentist appointment so as not to conflict with the release of a video game I'm highly anticipating.

@polotek Eh. When your software is necessary for hospitals to run, perfection should be the minimum standard. 🤷‍♂️

But, more importantly, I think a lot of us have internalized the idea that no company can get that level of market share without doing some really shady shit, so that leads us to believe, consciously or not, that they therefore must have done something to deserve it. (And the fact that they have that level of market share and *don't* have phased rollouts kinda backs that up.)

My mum (bless her!) used to say, "I'm not racist, but I don't want a black family to move in next door; it'll bring down the property values."

That's not very different from all the people who say "I'd vote for Kamala Harris, but there's too much racism for her to get elected."

People "outsource" their racism to others.

If you're not actively supporting people from ethnic minorities, rather than creating problems for them, you make yourself part of a racist system.

For all my lovely 763 followers, I am going to be posting more politics than usual to try and support #KamalaHarris so might want to mute me until 2025 if not interested.

Last week I had swore off the “news” online because doomscrolling is so unhealthy for me. But now, #hopescrolling has given my interest in the election 5,000 gallosn of premium rocket fuel.

@waysideollie That would certainly be a great way to kill Dem's current wave of good feelings and hand Trump the presidency.

@JasonPerseus What? How? We've been hard red for several cycles now and bleeding dem emigrants. How could she possibly compete?

re: uspol 

@LouisIngenthron Dredging up a days-old thread just to acknowledge you were right. :) She's the nominee, and I'm onboard.

I've always known I was cis male, even if I didn't have the language to describe it when I was a kid 50+ years ago. It's not something I had to talk myself into or pray about or get "converted" to. It's just who I am.

So why can't we just trust that trans people know they're trans?

#rights #transphobia #terfs

OK Mastodon #OpenSource folks, this is your time to shine

I need some examples of common open source myths. This will have a security slant to it when I put it all together, but I'm not only looking for security examples, I want all types

Here are a few I've cooked up, but I know there are ton more

- Most projects have more than one maintainer

- Most projects are part of a large foundation like Eclipse or Linux Foundation

- There are many options for libraries and you can swap them out if needed

- Open source is more secure than closed source

- Open source is less secure than closed source

- Most projects have funding driving the development

- If I use open source in my product, I have to open source the whole product

- If the source code is available, it’s open source

- There are a few thousand open source projects

I want them all, no matter how small, silly, or obvious you think they are, let me know

So the United States got 8 good years of legal gay marriage, a period during which I was at my sexual prime and failed to find anyone to marry.

QT: awscommunity.social/@jackiegar

Jackie Gardina  
The challenge to Obergefell is here already, courtesy of Kim Davis, the clerk who refused to provide a marriage license to a same-sex couple. Dobb...

The cult surrounding a white guy whose father’s tax fraud scheme made him a millionaire at age 8 insists that the daughter of two first generation immigrants couldn’t have gotten to where she is on merit.

#trump #KamalaHarris #Election2024 #racism

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Me: [fixes like 50 errors]

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@D_J_Nathanson Right, I agree with that.

But a political campaign needs a narrative, and "cop takes down criminal" is a fantastic narrative.

My point above (granted, a bit more shrouded in metaphor and hyperbole than it needed to be) was that you don't need to stop criticizing the systemic failures to celebrate the individual successes.

Americans need something to cheer for. We can cheer for the cop taking down the criminal while still demanding that cops have more accountability.

@jeffjarvis Pretty sure it's just because more astronauts in the White House makes America much more awesome.

@D_J_Nathanson Eh. You only have to stop chanting "ACAB" for a few seconds to cheer when a cop takes down a notorious criminal.

Man, the 70s must have been wild. I'm watching an old show from then and the ladies on the left are described as irredeemably ugly. The famous beautician says he's not sure he can fix them. Then they come out the other end looking like golden girls in the second picture and everybody starts fawning over them as if they're movie stars.

I don't know if it's just because they remind me so much of my grandparents in the second photo, or if my lack of attraction to women is a factor, but I genuinely think they both look better in the first photo.

@GhostOnTheHalfShell People need to stop referring to it as a "town square". It never was. Even long before Elon owned it, it was a corporate lobby.

@mathcolorstrees It may be much simpler than that... Harris is just an exciting candidate where Joe wasn't. We were full of existential dread that Joe would sleepwalk into a loss, but Kamala brings a whole new level of enthusiasm and hope.

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