I wrote about your oven's secret Sabbath mode, and how that relates to your computer's assistive technology features. ericwbailey.website/published/

@ThinkingSapien Yup. The flip side is that so many landlords are absolute bastards, so even if you'd be one of the good ones, you can expect your tenants to hate you by default.

Like many things in life, renting property is just another activity where assholes have ruined it for the rest of us.

@patrickcmiller Wait, they needed an actual survey to determine that people don't like paying forever for things they used to only have to pay once for?

What's next, a survey about whether chocolate is good?

@not2b @futurebird And that's before you get to the lack of routes. I grew up in St. Louis and now live in Orlando. If I wanted to take a train back to my childhood home, I'd have to tour the entire east coast before turning to ride the northern border towards Chicago before finally turning south again to head to St. Louis. It's like a 2-3 day trip.

@jeffjarvis @mmasnick Honestly, this is one of the better use cases I've heard for LLMs...

@futurebird To be fair, *passenger* rail is antiquated and irrelevant in this country, so it makes sense folks would think that.

@lupyuen Although many are *reluctant* excellent technical writers.

So, in the "Free" state of Florida, during a public hearing about HB1423, one MAGAt representative (Randy Fine) believes the rights of parents are limited and that he supports revoking a parent's right to determine what film and video their families can watch, while another moron (Rep. Kevin Steele), thinks "perhaps we should require a license in order to be a parent".

This has never been about parental rights, or free speech. It is about theocratic control by the state of what we see, say, and do as citizens. This is not freedom. #desantisdestroysflorida #1stamendment

@annmlipton I've heard of those for humans, which makes sense, but for pets?

That reveals some seriously disturbing issues in the owner.

@maxkennerly Although, I'd think that'd just as likely backfire by encouraging a desperate Google to release its own chat-type-search that we know its been working on internally for years.

@maxkennerly How does that work if Bing lacks a silver bullet to avoid the same fate?

@ThinkingSapien Yeah, those are some smart birds... maybe if you buy a nutcracker and leave it on your yard as an offering, they'll stop!

@indyradio @fisunov You joke, but that is actually kind of what happened, lol. Because of Mars' thinner atmosphere, any exposed water ice glacier would sublimate into water vapor pretty quickly outside the poles. Hence why there's no water/ice near the equator.

@fisunov There are so many red flags with that source... not the least of which is describing it as a "SpaceX Colony".

Also, "NASA has never explored it" is an outright lie. What little we know was discovered by SETI using NASA's MRO.

And, oh look, it is bullshit after all: cnn.com/2023/03/16/world/mars-

There was a glacier there. There isn't now.

Please be more careful sharing unreliable sources.

@ondrej @caseynewton Nonsense. Musk would go nuts for labor he could exploit without paying for. They must have interns. Interns are probably running several departments by now.

@caseynewton You don't think they'll just have an intern write a query and run it in prod without testing?

Will this survey of hundreds of trans adults who say transitioning was good for them get half as much attention as an op-ed from a single person who regrets transitioning? Let's find out. washingtonpost.com/dc-md-va/20

used to be fun-embarrassing. Like, it was embarrassing to be around us, but you had a good time.

Now, though, we're moving into creepy killjoy authoritarian cringe, and I am very much not for it.


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