I know it's a bit late for a , but I just finished the beer brewing level in my engine remake of my game !

I'm finally getting to the point where feels like home and feels like the old bad place.

When I use Unity now (pretty much only for contract work), I'm starting to feel the absence of key Godot features, most notably the ability to edit multiple prefabs/scenes at once in separate tabs.

Made a simple roadmap tracker for the revamp of my game. Getting close to the first beta release!


I'm really enjoying in .

The theme system built into the engine made it really easy for me to create a dark mode in my game!

I really like the editor, but its shader system is baffling and poorly documented. After three days of frustration just trying to get some UVs to offset, I'm out. I've been writing shaders for 15 years, and I can't even figure out basic shit here.

I'm bailing back to .

For those of you trying to move off , if 's weak C# is a deal-breaker, check out . I've only just started trying it out, but so far it's very promising. It's tightly linked with .NET, so the dev-env is Windows only, but the output is multiplatform, and the integration with C# is outstanding.

It's also got an editor layout and general scene framework that are very similar to unity, which makes transitioning easier.

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