Maybe the reason doesn't bother me as much as artists and writers is because I come from the world of .

We've had plenty of time to adjust to how shitty procedural generation algorithms are without a human hand to guide them.

There's a reason why No Man's Sky was bullshit at launch and took additional years of HUMAN effort to make worthwhile.

These are tools. If you let the tools loose, they'll make worthless content. It's only with the guidance and hard work of a human that they can make anything approaching true art.

Okay, I'm not usually one for posts, but here goes:

I grew up in the very conservative American Midwest and then moved to on my 18th birthday.

I love building more than I love playing them. I started my career with working on their first game (what later became the UFC series). I've since gone indie and released two by myself: (, a big game still in Early Access, and (, a little game built around the idea of gameplay driving music. I also released a fun little demo for a while back called (

I'm still building more games (and working on uFactory!) while paying the bills with drier work, hoping to eventually release a game that can grasp a chunk of the zeitgeist.

On here, I'll mostly be debating , (largely in the context of 's ), and general . My political leaning can most closely be described as "left-libertarian". I.e. Everyone deserves , consistent with the policy. I registered as a on January 7th, 2021.

Feel free to reach out. I'm happy to debate anyone in good faith.

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