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Ahhhh, the good old pre-Facebook days of the internet, when everyone used aliases instead of feeling the need to use their real names...

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My favorite time of the internet was before the iPhone or even WiFi, when people sat at a computer and could think before they posted something, instead of tossing off cheap irony while standing in line at the supermarket.

@Voline I still sit at a computer:D Way more comfortable and I can drink coffee while tossing off my cheap irony.

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Remember. St valentine was the patron Saint of beekeeping. Celebrate valentines day the way it was meant to be celebrated by planting bee friendly wildflowers

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My work finally started to provide free feminine products in the bathrooms. Which is great, but I don’t even think in my biggest emergency I would use the giant “maxithin” pads that have been chilling in unwrapped cardboard boxes since 2002 (and were 100% in the bathroom while asbestos removal was happening). Don’t get me started on cardboard applicators. My work is a bit of an embarrassment sometimes.

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Damnit, the design still isn't working as expected. Suggestions welcomed.

@freemo I wish they were detachable and had little feet of their own. I could let them be free range and run off by themselves to be chased or not as they wanted and leave me in peace to study as my heart desires without any distractions.

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@Nyoei Its a shame boobs are attached to women. If they werent we could chase them around without actually bothering anyone :)

@freemo I should also say that this is a good natured poke at you and a half brick heave at my husband since he is always chasing my boobs around and I hate it:P

@freemo My husband just this second said almost the same thing with me grumbling about a perfectly good photo of a landscape being ruined with a woman in the middle of it.

"Because boobs make everything better, that's why"


You are both heroes for your honesty... real heroes... 😑

@freemo Things look a bit different since my time. Last time I used a SWR meter, it was a lot more analogue than that:D So impressive!

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Beginning work on a version 2 of my SWR+VNA meter (ROES). Using a new much larger full color touch display. I have some debugging to do but it partly works with existing code, so yay.

I will be completely redoing the UI to add colors and various graphical representations such a Smith Chart showing the complex Reflection Coefficient (Complex SWR).

I will also be adding an extremely accurate frequency counter up to 2 GHz to improve the accuracy of the device and include a frequency readout on the display.

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Thanks to everyone for the condolences on our bulldog Meatwad. We knew he was sick and declining for some time, so this was not a complete surprise. Yet, his sudden downturn on Xmas day was not expected. I am still bummed out and that is why I have not been active online for a few days. #dog #dogs #bork #meatwad

@peterdrake Hope for benevolent aliens to come along and take away all our pollution causing technology, leaving us potentially only with rocks to bang together and about 4 billion forced vasectomies?

Humanity isn't really good at the whole planet sharing thing yet. We need a time out in our rooms until we can be responsible. I know, I'm a misanthropic auld woman:(

@hasmis I like the one I am on. I see no hate or spam, just my quiet science. It makes me happy. I suppose it depends on the instance you are in?

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So, my buddy from Brazil has reminded me of career advice for young people around the world. Stay away from Newtonian Physics! You'll never enjoy another movie again. Antman and the Wasp? Scaling Laws, People! A superman super-punch? F=Ma! My life is so sad....

@gemlog To stop people robbing the pharmacy at a guess? Though, that said, cigarettes in the UK are like gold dust these days. They cost an absolute fortune, way more than some of my medication 🤔

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