In this new interview, Dr. Erdem Tabdanov discusses how a fascination with asymmetry sparked his interest in , new research findings on how cells move that may improve cancer treatments, his creative hobbies of calligraphy and digital art, and more.

Looking to start your week with some science and great stories? In this new podcast episode, Dr. Alexis “Lekki” Wood discusses her research examining the links between food, genetics, and health. She also gives us a glimpse into her favorite activities outside of science, the twists and turns of her career path, and some of her most meaningful successes and failures.

In our latest podcast episode, Dr. Gareth Fraser discusses his exciting research on tooth development, regeneration, and evolution in sharks and other unique organisms. He also shares his lifelong fascination with the ocean, how he became a scientist, the mentors and experiences that shaped his career, life outside the lab, travel adventures, and more.

Don't miss this new podcast episode featuring the brilliant Dr. Rachel Perry and her work at the intersection of metabolic health and disease! She shares early lab experiences that shaped her career, her passions outside of science, exciting research successes, advice for early-career scientists, and more.

Interested in sleep and neurodegenerative disease?

Well, have I got the podcast episode for you! Just released today, this interview with Dr. Amy Amara dives into the details of her research on sleep in people with Parkinson's disease, REM sleep behavior disorder, and more.

Thrilled to share this new podcast episode! Dr. Susie Dai discusses life outside the lab, her career path, and her exciting research on the degradation of PFAS forever chemicals and monitoring arsenic in private wells.

New podcast episode! Dr. Ralph Dewey discusses his career path, including how he got started in science, the major challenges he has overcome, and the experiment that shaped his career. We also hear about his exciting research on crop genetics, the novel he is writing, memorable travel moments, and more.

I'm honored to be partnering with The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research to discuss the latest advances and discoveries in neuroscience with experts as the host of this new research-focused podcast! Two new episodes are out!

Meet our latest podcast guest Dr. Denise Okafor! She shared her research on protein regulation mechanisms, a failure that nearly ended her scientific career, scientific successes, advice, and more.

Excited to share this new podcast episode! I enjoyed speaking with Dr. Laura Kiessling about her work studying carbohydrates on the surface of cells, how she became a successful scientist, life outside the lab, advice, and more!

Thank you to New England Biolabs for supporting this episode!

In this new episode, Dr. Nicole Calakos gives an inside look at her career path, including her early work with a future Nobel Laureate. She also discusses her fascinating research on synaptic plasticity, advice for early-career researchers, her cooking and mountain bike racing hobbies, and more.

Cadense has created an adaptive shoe that is comfortable, stylish, and designed specifically for people who have trouble advancing their foot during gait.

Learn more about Cadense and the exciting research done by Dr. Tyler Susko to create these adaptive shoes and other mobility-related devices and robots in our latest podcast episode.

Led by Alexander Dunn, Cephable is transforming the digital experience to make it more accessible and convenient for everyone. I had a fantastic time chatting with him in our latest episode of Changing What's Possible!

In case you missed episode 9, you may want to start with this one:

New podcast episode out today! Dr. Anand Padmanabhan discusses his exciting successes developing new diagnostics and treatments for deadly blood clotting conditions, his path to becoming a physician-scientist, challenges he has faced, his interests outside the lab, and more!

Technology can accelerate learning at school, enhance productivity at work, and create fun ways to play and engage with friends and family. But if you’re someone who has difficulty using traditional technology controls like a keyboard, mouse, or game controller, you might feel like you’re being left behind.

In the first part of our two-part interview, we introduce you to Cephable Founder and CEO Alex Dunn. He shares his background, the story behind Cephable, and how the company is working to provide more flexibility around user interaction with technology through their innovative free app.

In this new Podcast episode, we introduce you to Souvik Paul, CEO & Founder of Aurie, and Carina Ho, who sustained a spinal cord injury and is the inspiration behind Aurie's innovative no-touch, reusable catheter system for people with neurogenic bladder.

New podcast episode!
Dr. Sonia Mayoral shares stories about how she got started in science, her exciting research on myelin-producing glial cells, recent lab successes, scientific travel memories, advice, and more! Sonia's research focuses on uncovering the many functions of glial cells and their potential for developing therapies for neurologic diseases.

Part 2 is now available!

From simple straps to complex robots, many products have been developed over the years to help people with hand disabilities. But most of them aren’t suitable for daily use because they’re too cumbersome, feel uncomfortable, require frequent charging, or are highly specialized to help with just one kind of task. To address these challenges, Hominid X is developing and delivering wearable assistive products that can help people increase their independence and enhance their lives. Learn more in our 2-part podcast interview!

Part 1:
Part 2:

The journal Neurorehabilitation & Neural Repair launched a new Early Career Editorial Program!

This is a cool opportunity for assistant professor level folks to get involved in an editorial board. Apply by Sept 1.

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