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Excellent that it is easier to play - always nice.
Did you notice a frequency change in the pitch?

OK - got it. It helped to see the preventer lines running to the bow in your picture.

Agree that an uncontrolled gybe is extremely bad for one's health.
How does a preventer help?

Is there really such a thing as expertise in Windows? 😜

So much to learn!
Haven't heard of "preventers". What are they preventing?

Got it.
We use our own home-made manometer to practice blowing steadily.
But it doesn't have any measurement or gauge. That's why I wanted to confirm your statement.

We rate our chanter reeds according to the capability of the player: anything one can play easily for 30 minutes is perfect. If it squawks or stops playing readily, then it's too easy. If it's tiring then it's too hard. Then we check to see if we can keep the manometer water fairly steady while playing.
Also, once you have a comfortable reed then you can calibrate your drones to shut off when you overblow that reed.

Who said piping is complicated?? :)

Yes! The instrument is challenging enought without making it harder.
I'm not familiar with your terminology. It sounds like a manometer measurement of pressure moving water?

Right on!
I don't know much about asthma nor apnea; i.e. no serious personal experience.

But on the bagpipe front: only show-off blowhards like hard reeds. It's completely unnecessary. An airtight instrument with an easy reed is the goal so it should never be hard to play several tunes in succession even as a learner. A medium reed is good to have to provide some challenge as desired, and generally it will sound better. But the priority is comfort so one can focus on playing steadily and with good technique. As an example: if you can play four bars of your best known tune blowing directly into your pipe chanter only, then that reed is good for you vis a vis strength.

Once you have an airtight instrument and a suitable reed, then practice to develop stamina is good. Chanter reeds often need some time in use to play well so pushing yourself a tiny bit helps everything. Steady blowing - at any pressure - also takes practice.

Lot's of subtleties to learn. :) Hang in there!

Heyho Captain! For the uninitiated... what is happening in this picture? Is the puller removing the prop from the shaft on the right? How does the puller mechanically accomplish that?

Hope you got some interesting responses.
The key things is that you showed up! 😎
I.E. Just do it.

That music teacher is doing a good job!
Do you use the "Original Sound" setting on Zoom?

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An existing solution for efficient, zero-emissions rubbish collection in urban areas: the VBZ / ERZ Cargo Tram in Zurich, Switzerland. Handles bulky municipal rubbish collection in tight city streets with ease and has luxurious facilities for workers on-board the tram locomotive - a field workshop, coffee machine and microwave!

Very hard to say with mine what is factory and not. I'm the third owner - at least - and the whole boat is very worn looking so wouldn't win any prizes.
My aim is to have the boat seaworthy for short sails in Lunenburg Bay. Not going to attempt any serious open ocean stuff.

New here too. Lots going on. Recommend using a hastag in the Search to find things of interest; e.g.
Happy hunting.

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