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last time things like this happened in history, those within the LGBTQ+ community were forced to wear pink triangles and Jews were forced to wear yellow stars. This is not hyperbole, look at what's happening around you. History is repeating itself as we look on disguised as (2/3)

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In his closing, Rep. Stubblefield quoted a verse from Deuteronomy and just said he believes any man that dresses as a woman or any woman that dresses as a man is “an abomination”. So it’s not about “protecting children”. SB43 passes unanimously of out committee.

"But the fact remains that the origins of the current pedophilia panic being used to attack the LGBTQ+ community now, and the drag and trans communities in particular, originated with Q Anon and remains central to the conspiracy theory."

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Some 50 to 70% of child sexual abuse in the U.S. is committed by other kids. A new program teaching teens to behave responsibly with younger kids shows promise preventing abuse @MooreCenter_JHU's @AmandaERuzicka and @eletourn write in @PsychToday:

"Our social media team also highlighted some particularly egregious examples of misdirected accusations of 'grooming' this year, including attacks against therapist Miranda Galbreath, and against LGBTQ+ orgs such as @Mermaids_Gender and the @TrevorProject"

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Obscenity laws are subjective nonsense. But they’re scary and creeping back into the US legal system. It’s fascist anti-liberty.

"This is far from a complete list. There are countless stories like this, where sex educators, sex workers, artists, and journalists are censored or pushed off platforms completely for crossing these imaginary lines that are constantly moving."

If you experience harassment because of your work in child protection or a related field, check out our resource guide

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Anti-prevention commentators are continuing to attack child protection experts, this time directly conflating efforts to spread accurate information about pedophilia, which can be used to guide prevention work, with "normalization."

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The Arkansas Senate just passed a bill that would make a Pride parade a criminal act.

"Now that the alt-right's 'groomer' campaign has become better understood for what it is, and as Prostasia Foundation prepares to introduce its new Executive Director for 2023, the time is right for us to return to the field of political advocacy."

"It’s important to note that interest does not translate directly into action; most child abusers are not preferentially attracted to children, and many who are never act on that attraction."
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My latest article on how platforms can develop policies and strategies for recognizing, preventing, and reducing foreseeable harms to young people. I also address some popular misconceptions.

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The is not only ridiculous as @mmasnick poignantly writes; it's dangerous. The UK government is creating an unsafe environment for the children; it pushes them to go underground.
Democracies are embracing the age of .

"With the new combination of the Dobbs decision and entrenched parental-involvement laws, though, many social scientists expect that, for teenagers who do become pregnant, the birth rate will rise again soon."

"Musk followed this with a personal attack on Yoel Roth, Twitter’s former head of trust and safety. After Musk suggested that Roth was sympathetic to pedophilia — a dog whistle harking back to QAnon and Pizzagate — Roth fled his home and went into hiding."

"We also completely revamped our online deterrence campaign in 2022. This program now includes a new series of ads aimed at helping people who encounter illegal content by accident to report it to law enforcement."

"a major challenge during 2022 was the increasing misuse of the term “grooming” to justify violent rhetorical and physical attacks on marginalized LGBTQ+ communities, sex educators, sex workers, and even CSA prevention researchers and clinicians."

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A petition is going around demanding to bring back Section 28 laws by banning LGBTQ+ education in Schools. It has over 160,000 signatures and will be debated.

Son please share and sign this counter petition to ensure queer education isnt remmved.

"In the end, we stuck with the policy we’ve used from the beginning of the project — which is that we allow parents and guardians to decide how identifiable or anonymous their children will be."

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The arson attack on the Planned Parenthood clinic came just two days after Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker signed comprehensive reproductive health care legislation into law that protects out-of-state abortion seekers and allows them to get an abortion

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