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Join us in the fight against child sexual abuse! Your donations will help us create a safer future for our children.

"Luckily, the majority of the justices expressed no aggressive interest in completely gutting Section 230 because of the potential large-scale economic implications on tech and the internet."

To all our new followers over the past few weeks: welcome. If you're looking to get involved in efforts to prevent abuse while defending human rights, you can find information about different ways to support us here:

Are you a visual artist whose work has been censored online? Join the campaign to protect art on social media by signing the Don't Delete Art manifesto.

Gender-affirming treatments save lives. Politicians who deny trans people, including trans youth, access to healthcare have blood on their hands.

"FSC provided a statement to the conservative Washington, D.C. paper, pointing out that the proposed age verification bills are “ineffective, a disaster for privacy, and blatantly unconstitutional.”"

RT @JinkxMonsoon: Tell me—WHAT DAMAGE HAS BEEN DONE TO MOTIVATE THIS BILL?! None?! It's just a diversion from their lies and corruption? Oh—ok. Just checking.

RT @GymCastic: “A survivor of historical child sexual abuse at the hands of a former trampoline coach has accused British Gymnastics of "catastrophic failures" in what she claims is the biggest case of sexual abuse in the governing body's history.”

RT @DrGTenbergen: The responsibility falls not only to or other social media platforms. It is a social responsibility to protect kids without engaging in the mass surveillance of individual behaviors.

TikTok doing enough to prevent exploitation against children and younger users? @RebeccaJarvis breaks it down.

RT @mikestabile: “These laws are really not about controlling minors’ access to violent pornography. In the conservative world view, pornography is information about LGBTQ identity, abortion, gay marriage”

Great piece on the censorship craze by ⁦@hallielieberman⁩

RT @qirtaiba: And why has @RonWyden’s Invest in Child Safety Act been forgotten? Unlike either of the other laws mentioned, it would invest real money – $5bn – into both enforcement of existing laws and prevention. Yet it attracted virtually no interest from lawmakers.

California is considering some changes to the state's sex offense registry, including allowing listings of child pornography (CSAM) offenders to be removed after 30 years.

RT @ACLUIndiana: BREAKING: Indiana legislators are moving forward with a horrific bill modeled off Florida's infamous "Don't Say Gay" law.

HB 1608 would censor or even ban discussion or acknowledgment of LGBTQ people in schools.

We need you at the Statehouse with us on Monday to stop this bill.

"it's just really despicable that in Wyoming, this has become an argument of whether we want to continue marrying off girls to their rapists."

From /SESTA and the (UK) to and , it's becoming increasingly common for governments to use children as pawns to push anti-porn, anti-sex worker, and anti-free speech legislation, none of which protect children.

Protecting children means protecting marginalized children from bigotry and oppression. That's why the Prostasia Foundation has always stood behind trans and other queer people in their fight for acceptance and legal protections, and why we always will.

Complaining about the terminology used by prevention experts won't protect children. Following the research on why abuse occurs to implement strategies that can prevent it, on the other hand, will. Which do you think is more important?

It's easy for nuance to get lost on social media. If you're looking for clarification on the evidence behind our positions or need help finding accurate information about abuse and prevention, consider joining our forum:

Prostasia is proud to stand behind the experts who dedicate themselves to keeping kids safe, despite facing growing harassment over their vital work. To our partners in the field: thank you for everything you do. Together, we can build a better future for all children.

It shouldn't be controversial to say that protecting children is more important than protecting dolls or cartoons.

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