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“One of them said they wished the person who had harmed them had been able to get help and support before they committed the abuse because if they had, this may not have happened.”

Mass surveillance doesn't stop abuse. That's why we oppose attacks on end-to-end encryption that would leave everyone, including children, less protected. With your support, we can fight for policy changes that actually keep kids safe.

While some groups have gotten distracted railing against taboo art and privacy enhancements, we've remained true to our mission of keeping kids safe and defending human rights. Support us today.

While other groups call for laws to criminalize AI artwork, Prostasia is the only child protection organization researching their effects and standing up against fandom bullying.

"The plaintiffs allege that Twitter disseminated CSAM that it knew about, and the dissemination violated FOSTA. However, FOSTA was not designed as an anti-CSAM law, so the plaintiffs’ claims don’t really fit the legal doctrine."

"Over the course of last week, a number of schools in the Wallonia region of Belgium have been set on fire as protest against the country’s mandatory sex-ed policy going into effect in the region."

We are disappointed to hear that these changes have been reversed. We encourage Twitch to reevaluate with greater consideration for the dangers of censorship and the importance of addressing truly harmful content

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"If you cannot volunteer, please consider supporting us by becoming a member or through a financial gift."

The government doesn't need microphones in your house to stop abuse, so why are they using that excuse to read your private online conversations? Support our work to keep kids safe while fighting mass surveillance.

"We're glad to see Twitch working to make its platform more inclusive of artists, allowing their moderators to focus more on content that is harmful or abusive."

"Right now Prostasia Foundation relies on the work of a few dedicated volunteer support staff. I cannot thank our staff enough for the crucial work they do. But we need more. Get involved today!"

"We have a new initiative underway at Prostasia Foundation - the Ask Prostasia Campaign! Submit your questions about Prostasia and about sexual abuse prevention and treatment today! We look forward to hearing from you!"

"In other news, I am gearing up to relaunch Prostasia Foundation's podcast/vodcast series, Prostasia Conversations by the end of the year."

"There's a handful of different tools, settings, and apps that can help better secure your kid’s device, depending on their needs."

Taking an effective approach to stopping CSAM starts with remembering why it must be prevented. Not because it is gross or "taboo," but because its existence harms and revictimizes children who have experienced abuse and broadcasts their most vulnerable moments.

"Meta also said it has expanded its list of terms, phrases, and emojis related to child safety and has begun using machine learning to detect connections between different search terms."

"Michael Schuls died after getting trapped in dangerous machinery at a mill in Wisconsin. But across the US conservative groups are pushing to loosen laws that protect children in the workplace"

"For anyone reading this, I want to make sure you have a strong understanding of consent and feel confident in your ability to or withdraw consent as needed."

"Elon Musk on Tuesday briefly posted—and then deleted—a meme to his social media platform X referencing the widely discredited far-right 'Pizzagate' conspiracy theory"

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