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This is a great article outlining the many harms done by confusing sex work that harms nobody and the sinister realities of sexual trafficking.

"Two separate reports today accuse Instagram and Facebook parent company Meta of ignoring reports of parents sexually exploiting their own children for financial gain using paid subscription tools"

"Meta — the parent company of Facebook, Instagram, and Threads — has failed to enforce its own policies against anti-transgender hate posts, including posts made by high-profile political influencers and media outlets"

"Our findings show how current messages to simply avoid sexting do not work for young people. While the risks should be acknowledged, education should also include how to be respectful and safe with sexting."

"Previous attempts to enact a national Jenna’s Law failed to make it to the president’s desk twice before – failing to make it out of committee or to a full vote before previous congressional sessions ended. "

"To prevent CSA from occurring it is important to understand both who perpetrates it and how it is perpetrated. Historically, prevention efforts have misdirected and focused on the stranger-danger myth of CSA"

For , we recommend you contact your representatives and warn them to OPPOSE and the as they are censorship bills that would endanger everyone (especially the LGBTQ+ children!), NOT protect them.

This is your semi-regular reminder that Prostasia's evidenced-based approach to preventing sexual abuse is only possible through the kindness of our supporters. And we are one of the few child protection organizations that welcome both LGBTQ+ and sex workers to be involved in the conversation of protecting children.

"Increasingly, congressional action and court opinions reflect concerns about controlling private thoughts rather than preventing and punishing direct harm."

"Perhaps we should be asking for our teenagers for their consent and making negotiations about what we can and can’t post,” Harris continued."

"If the victim is a boy, it may be even more difficult to report abuse, as boys are taught that they're supposed to want sex and that they're only ever the aggressors and never the victims. The fear of shame and disbelief may stop them from disclosure."

"The conflation of adult consensual behavior with exploitation is a direct attack on the bodily autonomy of adults and assumes that sex workers in Maine are not competent enough to make informed decisions about their own private choices,"

We've seen growing calls for people to spam CSAM hotlines with false reports about taboo art or even people's attractions. Reporting anything but abusive content involving real children to these platforms impedes their vital work to keep children safe.

"Given the strong constitutional protections for people, including children, to access information without having to identify themselves, federal courts have blocked the laws in Arkansas and California."

"But there’s also good news: so far, none of these dangerous bills have been passed at the federal level, or signed into law. That's thanks to a large coalition of digital rights groups and other organizations pushing back"

Child sexual abuse prevention professionals have to work with uncomfortable truths that politicians prefer to ignore. We're the only child protection organization that actively stands up for those professionals.

"Governments around the world are working hard to monitor online conversations, far beyond the bounds of traditional targeted law enforcement. 2023 has been a year of unprecedented threats to encryption and privacy."

Merry Christmas from Prostasia and remember to respect your children's personal space and boundaries by not forcing them to hug relatives this holiday season

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