After discussing with the QOTO moderators we would like to nominate @khird as a new moderator.

It isn't official yet though, we want to give all of our users a chance to consider our nomination and vote either for or against. Also users are welcome and encouraged to nominate their own suggestions as well.

After about a week if no objections are raised and the support is positive with no opposing nominations to consider we will make the nomination real.

Lets hear from you!

@QOTO @khird @QOTO So do i get it right you're nominating a person who haven't tooted anything substantial in the last two months?
I nominate myself then!

As mur pointed out the user has been actively replying and interacting with people consistently for many months. He doesnt seem to post publicly too often but is very much active.

More importantly he has given behind the scenes assistance to the mods by being the #1 most active person at catching and reporting spam here, doing an even better job than current mods.

With that said, is your self nomination serious, if so we will consider it and put it to a conversation.


@L29Ah @QOTO

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