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I had an idea I wanted to run by the community. Not sure if I love it or hate it personally so could really use some feedback.

We have several services here that can be very expensive in terms of storage costs, things like NextCloud, FunkWhale, PeerTube, are quickly getting to the terrabyte range.

Right now we give a small but generous quota for free on all our servers. Usually enough to play with, 1 - 10 gigs as a starting point. We have more than enough funding for many years into the future to be able to give several people much higher quotas, even a terrabyte a person would be doable if it werent too many users.

Problem is if we just open it up to the public and give everyone a high quota it wouldn't take long before the costs would be overwhelming. Especially considering that many of those users wont be contributing to the QOTO community and may just use the space for personal storage only. Thats fine, but we need a better way to figure out who to give a higher quota, some way to earn it.

Obviously QOTO is a non-profit so charging users is out of the question. So we need a better way. I had an idea to make it reward based.

Basically QOTO reward people if they have been on the server and active for a certain amount of time. Create "tiers" based on how long an account was registered and how many posts they have made as qualifications for each tier.

Also no need for it to be limited to qoto mastodon either. We can actually use the the user trust-levels on discourse (which are calculated automatically based on post history) as another measure. Each Discourse trust level gets you a new tier of quota allowances.

This should reward QOTO engagers and content creators to create meaningful content and give us a way to ration out our server resources.

The server now has full support for **both** MathJax based rendering for Latex formatted Math equations and Latex formatted Pseudocode. In fact you can even render math latex inside your pseudocode!

Check out the following post to see an example along with some quick instructions on how to use the new functionality.

We just fixed Latex Math based rendering on the discourse server ( )

You can now insert Latex based math into your posts on Discourse in the same way you can on the QOTO mastodon server!

This is the last major bug we have observed across all the new QOTO services we brought up this month. We will keep an eye on things but everything appears fully functional now!

What other services would you like to see hosted free on ?

The source code link in the footer did not update in our last code update as expected. The issue has since been fixed in the source code and will be applied in the next version bump.

In the meantime if anyone wants access to the QOTO's variant of the mastodon source code it can be found here:

just updated our about page. There is some very important information in there so I highly recommend all QOTO users read the updated page.

We updated the wording on our Rules (same rules as before though effectively), added information on our added features and how to use them, links to the various QOTO services we offer (like FunkWhale or NextCloud).

It also contains a short introductory letter/guide on getting started using QOTO. I hope it will be a huge help for many of you. The link is below.

The Math rendering on works again (might need to reload your browser and give it a second to catch up the first time).

Here is a little Latex joke to kick it off.

Expand \((a+b)^n\):

(a + b)^n\\
(a\ + \ b)^n\\
(a\quad + \quad b)^n\\
(a\qquad + \qquad b)^n\\

's Funkwhale instance surpassed 300 gigs already and is half way to 400 gigs! That is more audio than most people could listen to if they tried!

Thanks everyone for your contributions, keep it up!

All features on our Mastodon server are back up except for Math rendering. We fixed that in the beta instance and will be bringing it up on the main server sometime in the next 24 hours.

Second Update, this time to the CSS is done. should be back to looking as nice as always.

MathJax is temporarily down as I fix a issue with it. I will announce when it is back up. Might be later today.

Shortly will do a minor update to fix some of the CSS issues introduced int he latest update. Down time should be unnoticeable but just want to warn everyone just in case.

is back up safely post-upgrade. Going to cleanup some CSS that ooks a bit off since the upgrade but otherwise everything seems to be working.

QOTO is now on the QOTO variant of v2.9.3 of Mastodon. Enjoy!

Ok we think we resolved the issue and are attemping upgrade again in a few minutes.

had some issues during upgrade. No data lost. Attempting again soon.

I want to thank everyone for your patience. As many of you know we have been redoing the entire QOTO architecture. This included many new services for our users (all free!) but also some very big changes.

It took us some time to move over to the new infrastructure plus our founder, Jeff, was in the hospital for about 9 months and that seriously slowed us down.

However the latest version of QOTO's variant of mastodon has been beta tested and is ready to go. We will begin the upgrade of the official server tomorrow evening.

As always the QOTO server will include all our usual additions to the code base and MathJax support will be reenabled on this upgrade as well.

We will update the community with the exact time of the upgrade sometime tomorrow once we know. But expect it to be in the middle of the night for both Europe and USA time zones.

Did you notice we have a new source code link? We now host our code over at the #GitLab service of #QOTO!

Thanks for that @QOTO

#source #code #sinblr

The funkwhale instance just surpassed 200 gigs last night. Thats a lot of audio! Thanks to the QOTO community for all your contributions

Signups are open and free here:

The FunkWhale instance just surpassed its first 100 gigs of audio uploaded. Thats a lot of MP3s!

Good to see everyone enjoying the service.

Signup is free fr all QOTO users:


Our peripheral services (not main QOTO mastodon instance) were down for a period today. The reason was a bug in AWS ECS services that caused our load-balancer to go down. It has since been fixed and hopefully will not occur again.

All services are back up.

The services affected include the following:

NextCloud -

GitLab -

GitLab pages (including user hosted pages) - https://*

FunkWhale -

PeerTube -

Discourse -

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