Cool tip, you can see a few of 's neighbors in this really cool fediverse graph. The closer two servers are to each other in the graph the more often the users talk to each other. The graph at this link shows all the servers interacts with most.

What feature would you like to see the Admin's at add to our mastodon instance next?

If you don't see what you'd want in the poll just comment it down below instead.

@aeveltstra We don't only because this is the first time you asked. But I am now bringing up with the admins adding an official policy to our ToS and make it easy for people to opt-out if they request it. Obviously I need to research how this is done technically and how feasible it is (if it isnt maybe i can modify the code tomake it feasable).

But since this appears to be something that concerns at least some people (well one but i assume others might feel as you do) I would like to ensure your wishes are respected.

As a side note ONLY public toots, toots that would have been viewable by the person in the first place, are searchable. A person obviously can not search private toots in our cache if they wouldnt otherwise have access to it.

@aeveltstra Please let us know if this is, in fact, a request for take down. In the meantime I will be research how to do it, assuming it is possible. If I don't hear back no action will be taken either way.

@aeveltstra Every server in the fediverse has your data, it was posted publicly and as doing so there is implied consent that other servers can federate with you. Most server do not clear their cache (as this tends to cause images and other things to break).

The best way to ensure your data is not shared with other servers is to simply make your posts follow-only. You can also block any domain you don't wish to federate with.

Though sadly due to the nature of federated networks this request is rather hard to comply with.

With that said if you'd like your data removed, and if mastodon provides an easy administrative option to do so, then I would be most happy to remove it. No need for the request to be legal. I'd be happy to investigate if mastodon software provides an option to selectively remove cached data from a single user without effecting other user's data.

According to QOTO currently federates with 5,532 other instances in the fediverse. You might ask how it is possible that that number is larger than the total number of instances known (108% of all instances, 5,114 instances total).

Thats because not only do we federate with all instances and have one of the largest views of the entire fediverse, but we have been doing this so long we even have old connections with instances that have since shutdown.

Furthermore invests a lot on infrastructure to ensure that we retain a cache of **all** toots from around the fediverse and we enable full-text search. This means our users are able to search more of the fediverse, even servers that have since shutdown still have their toots in our archives.

It costs us a lot in hosting costs but thanks to generous donators and a large fund we can provide these services long into the future. We think it is worth it, and we hope you will too!

2,637 accounts
+6 in the last day
+14 in the last week

By popular demand the user bot now reports on both all-time instance graphs and weekly graphs.

By popular demand the user bot now reports on both all-time instance graphs and weekly graphs.

In case you didnt know, is a non-profit organization. Not only that no one who works for is paid, not even the founder.

Despite that we have a very generous donation fund. We can currently afford to host all QOTO services, give each user a TB quota, run on production level load balanced redundant server architecture, and still have enough in our donation fund to operate for at least a decade.

This is all due to the hard work of our volunteers and the generous nature of our donators. We do this with a pledge to no advertising and never selling your data..

So don't feel guilty, claim your free accounts and enjoy. We love to see how the members of our community enrich us all. It is why the volunteers like myself and the whole team do this!

WOW according to our new user bot has 34 new users this week and its barely half way through Monday. So exciting, we cant wait to get to know the new additions to our family!

Just a reminder that we offer the following free services to all of our users with up to 1 TB quota for free.

Also we never advertise or collect any of your data!

NextCloud -

GitLab -

GitLab pages (including user hosted pages) - https://*

FunkWhale -

PeerTube -

Discourse -

Just a reminder. All of 's free services including NextCloud, FunkWhale, PeerTube, and Gitlab have some quota restrictions to new users.

Any user with a QOTO account or who is active and established on another one of our servers, may request a quota upgrade for free. In most cases we can provide each user with a TB of space or more.

Thanks to our very generous donations we are currently funded to keep the lights on for many years into the future. So just ask for your free quota upgrade and we can usually take care of it for you.

Currently the User Count Bot displays a single graph twice a day that represents all server stats for the last two years. Would it be useful to configure it to also post stats for other time periods as well, like the last week? That means it will post a bit more often as well.

Mastodon hint:

Don't like to see toots in languages you don't understand?

Just Go into your Settings -> Preferences -> Other then select whichever languages you know under "Filter Languages".

I'd like to hear any feedback about the bots now that we reactivated them. Please leave comments below to tell us if you like them or not, or how you'd like us to handle bots. There is also a poll for all you introverts.

notice: Sorry one of our bots, hackernews, was far more verbose than we realized. It has now been set to unlisted so as to minimize noise on the federated and local timelines.

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