Uhm... I'm back to the !

Poor Fediverse! 🤣

@Shamar Welcome back, we all missed you!

Whats new with you?

Thanks @freemo!

Not many news actually, but my engagement with the Italian is draining the vast majority of my energy.

I'm wondering if should have their own parties, focused on spreading knowledge and making real things, not just talking... and talking... and talking...

Really, it's heart breaking to see what they are doing to the "Pirate" part of the Pirate Party.

I mean: they not even try to fight !

I keep listening things like:

> I second the algorithms!

> You lack the moral flexibility required to be a policy maker, go back to be a voter!

from the people accountable for social media...

@Shamar Politics is always draining, usually new movements even more so sadly :( I do agree there is way too much talking.

Perhaps focus on things that give you energy for a while and see where you stand once you feel energized again? Don't sacrifice yourself.

@Shamar @freemo
1. Political party has almost no power to change something. It has to always fight and/or make compromises with other parties having always majority of voting power.
2. Any "directive" change (all of you have to do it this new way) is not the right way how to change stuff.

Hackers should work more on alternative "nations" living next to standard states and offering alternative services to people. Who will want, will join.

I'm not member or related but I think this is the right way -

@Shamar @freemo
Just other small comment.
Pirate party in Czech become pretty popular and they got pretty big amount of votes in last election.

When they reach membership in parliament, a lot of people become surprised how close them ideas are to socialist/communist ideas.
Big disappointment about PirateParty in Czech among people...

@Rado1 @freemo

Fun fact, my fellow pirates here are actually venerating our cousin. But these fellow pirates in are more right oriented (not far right though).

Unfortunately, I know nothing about Czech so I can't understand how the Pirate Party built their success.

Are you from Czech?

@Shamar @freemo Yes, I'm living in Czech.
Based on very quick success of the PirateParty during the elections I have even read the theories that this party was man-made just to catch voters that would probably vote for some parties not liked by winning party.
But who know, of course...

@Shamar @Rado1 @freemo #Italy The Italian people should be so enraged by now they should be in the streets with stones torches and pitchforks raiding the government building and stringing up anybody stands in their way!


Thanks God, we already had a , 60 years ago.

Memory is fading, but most people still know that violence won't solve anything.

@Rado1 @freemo


Violence is the only solution to no problem.

People who encourage violence doesn't want to solve problems. They just want .

Typically because they hope to gain some form of status (money, respect, power...) out of it.

Thanks God, fought so many wars in the last 2000 years that we have learnt this lesson quite well.

That's why culture is important.
We need to avoid repeating the errors we did in the past.

@Rado1 @freemo

@Shamar @Rado1 @freemo
Europe has not fought enough!
The last time a war was won in Europe was 0009 when they nailed 20k Roman invaders to trees as a warning, for a long time this put fear into the Romans but then the kikes cooked up Christianity and sent missionaries in "peace" and then they attacked from within!
Ever since then Europe has been fight subversion!
The only good is in the blood of the enemies flowing in the rivers, turning the oceans red!
Nothing less will do!


Oh... I understand...

You are just a poor ... 🤣

Sorry, you are wasting your time with me.


@Rado1 @freemo


I see you stumbled onto the dark side of the fediverse. I find its best once people start using racial slurrs or calls to violence to just walk away and not give it your attention.

@Trail @Rado1

@freemo @Shamar @Rado1
You will see when the communists string out your intestines to use to bound your wives and daughters while they rape them to death in front of you!
They have done it before and they will do it again!

Technology is Politics: todays hackers should feel responsible to free other people 

@Shamar Ugh, that reminds me of the time when I was trying to work within the Polish Pirate Party. Most of the people were nice and had good ideas (duh), but one guy in particular was very disruptive to any constructive work. Add to that problems with being a really small party, so the biggest portion of our workhours went towards maintenance stuff, and I eventually gave up and left.

Saddest part to me is that the disruptive guy was possibly the most enthusiastic about the party, but his extremely cynical worldview make him argue for very strange ideas about how to run the party. They kept not working, and no one had any time left to pursue other ideas, so it was a mess. :/

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