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After a few days figuring out Mastodon with the help of the folks at QOTO, I will formally introduce myself in order to pin this in my profile :)

My name is Abde and I am a computer scientist. My main domain is and . I am currently a PhD student at the Université Libre de Bruxelles () and working on porting numerical solvers for simulations on the GPU using . You may find my first paper here:

Other research interests are

I also work as a developer. My current professional interests are . We also contribute in several projects. Most of my work is done in , so feel free to ask any questions!

As a hobby I do some and also . I will share some snippets of what I do here, but for now I am focusing in crafting my art by producing in .

Please enjoy! I am not the most active but I am looking to build my Mastodon network, so feel free to follow and I will follow back :)

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After some long hours of producing, I just finished the "most polished" track I ever realized so far...

I sample a quite unknown game from the Nintendo 64, try to guess it 🤔

Please, enjoy: "Ryûgu"

Mmm... should I return to mastodon? Actually I have not been active in any social media, so there will not be a big difference 😅

Sorry to all my followers for my inactivity !

So many producers started following me because of my Toots, thanks!

I am following back so don't hesitate to update your bio ;)

I was thinking about doing with people, it would be great to grow together. I am still a newbie but I think I could learn if I open my horizons to new people :)

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I suspect it was supposed to be $10,44 per pound, but someone at the shop messed up the price tag, so it was per piece instead 🧀

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Live coding: a user's manual is out this week, published open access by MIT Press. I have my copy already, after many years it's real!

I just put up a placeholder website, and will upload the pdf, epub and mobi ebook files there on Tuesday, maybe making a web version. It'd be interesting if people started contributing edits, adding extra chapters etc..

The for tip of the day!

You may notice that most Vst plugins are not compatible with Linux; however, Wine makes them work really well.

It may be a hassle to use Wine for some users, a non automated and exasperating.

yabridge will help you to seamlessly import your vsts to use directly in your DAW by just putting them in a folder and running one command!

It personally makes me win a lot of time and makes the plugins run almost natively in my pipeline :)

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Anna Lapwood, a proficient organist, did a surprise appearance at one of Bonobo's concert at Royal Albert Hall.

Seeing how old and modern music mix to give a powerful performance is amazing. Tearful concert.

I would love to do a in the future but I don't want to participate as a programmer.

I would like to try doing the music of a game one day. It would be an amazing experience as I have almost 0 knowledge about the subject.

If someone ever wants to do something like that, don't hesitate to contact me o/ The result will surely be rubbish but, hey, we never know.

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After some long hours of producing, I just finished the "most polished" track I ever realized so far...

I sample a quite unknown game from the Nintendo 64, try to guess it 🤔

Please, enjoy: "Ryûgu"

For my fellow devs out there:

Try strangeIoC, it's amazing. The system of signals in that framework makes decoupling of code so easy.

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Me han dicho que hay que hacer esto:


:blobCatMeltWave: Hola, me podéis llamar Sayo, Yue o Aschen.
:blobCatDab: Soy memer pero no mucho.
:blobCatGamer: Me gusta videojuegar y escribir sobre eso.
:flagLesbian: Además, mi género favorito es el JRPG.
:blobCatComfyTears: También veo anime y leo manga, pero me ducho.
:blobCatGlowsticks: A veces incluso veo J-Drama o K-Drama.
:blobCoffee: Me gusta la música y soy amiga de mis amigos.
:blobCatPoll: Just talk to me, soy muy imbécil.


Many more people are following me, welcome 😍

I have been very active during my first days in Mastodon. However, I have never been really involved in social media, so you should expect a decrease in the number of posts I make.

On the other hand, I have even more interactions with less activity in here, and it's something that I greatly appreciate.


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There are 20+ known
#AudioSynthesis types. The most popular being:


Combined with #Sampling, #modulating and #Layering, these four audio engines cover the majority of sound generation from the majority of #Synthesizer #Plugins created.

Unless a #synth provides a special character to the audio, there is no point in having 100+ plugins. Outside the rare exception, #OpenSource has everything you need. Don’t collect #patches. #LearnSynthesis.

After some long hours of producing, I just finished the "most polished" track I ever realized so far...

I sample a quite unknown game from the Nintendo 64, try to guess it 🤔

Please, enjoy: "Ryûgu"

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Did you find some great accounts here on #mastodon that are more visual in nature, such as #photography or #art, and you'd like a more #instagram like experience? No problem, the #fediverse can do that. Just use #pixelfed

1 - Find an instance at then register an account

2 - login, copy and paste the fedi address from mastodon into the search bar of #pixelfed

3 - Follow

That's it!

*Please boost if you find this useful for anyone else:)

Why learn a new version of C++ every 3 years if you can do everything in C99? 🤷‍♂️

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Did you know the Golden Shrimp Guild has our own "Jam Strategy" cards with each card themed and bearing the name of a member? Available for order at .

I pulled those of streamers you might recognize on Mastodon from my deck for the photo attached.

#synth #gsg @synths #musodon #

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It's great to see more people joining Mastodon!
And I then realised I don't have an intro!

I'm here for:
#music (jazz, jazz fusion, anything "-wave", prog/post metal/rock ) #food

You will see a lot of posts about Steam Deck, emulators and retro/obscure/indie games, my photography and some food at times.

Thank you for reading! 😁

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