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Here's my #introduction.

I am a retired civil engineer with experience in offshore structures.

I have been a #Linux user since 2001 and have enjoyed using #FOSS ever since. I came back to #mastodon with the #TwitterMigration.

I was first introduced to computer programming with #FORTRAN IV nearly 50 years ago and now do some minimal programming in #python and C++. I have a few small projects on #github using the same name as here.

I also do some #3dPrinting and enjoy using #octoprint (...)

#introduction – I'm a 🧬 #biology student primarily interested in #bioinformatics, #phylogenetics, #evolution, #mycology and #botany. 🧬 🍄

I'm also a #tech enthusiast, #Linux user and #freesoftware advocate. My distribution and desktop of choice are #Fedora and #Sway. I dabble in #coding in #Python and #Bash. 💻️ 🐧

I enjoy science #podcasts and #scifi, mainly #DoctorWho. 🎧️ 🛸

Hello! #introduction 👋 I am a library director and previously spent nearly a decade delivering advocacy and capacity building programs with libraries around the world. I draw on that experience in my part-time PhD working on transnational advocacy networks and freedom of information. I'm a member of several international open science and freedom of expression committees. My interests: technology governance, information flows, #scicomm, censorship, open access, China, languages. More in bio.

#introduction Hello everyone I’m Andy a musician who records as a member of #Ride and also under my own name #AndyBell and make electronic music under the name #GLOK - I’ve noticed the use of hashtags seems to help people connect on here so… #ambient #electronic #shoegaze #dreampop #vapourwave #wavy #psych #guitars #psychedelic #acidhouse #techno 👋

I'm posting a 3rd #introduction because I'm apparently a disaster mastodon, hi, I'm Mike, I write #MiddleGrade #kidlit fiction - my latest is THE BOYS IN THE BACK ROW, and I'm repped by Marietta Zacker, I'm #KoreanAmerican, #ActuallyAutistic, #progressive, a founding member of #WeNeedDiverseBooks, and a parent, husband, brother, and son. Sometimes I #AmWriting, and sometimes not. I'm a fan of #cats and #donuts. I also have an #MLIS and work in #libraries. Hello. Again


Hey there 👋

I'm Anže, and I'm a software engineer.

My tools of choice are #python and #django but I'm also not afraid to dive into the crazy land of #javascript

When I'm not in front of the computer, I enjoy spending time with my girlfriend, #surfing, traveling, and walking our dog.

Just a quick #introduction #introductions for newcomers
I'm a Paris-based journalist, currently senior news editor/executive producer at France 24
Focusing mainly on #geopolitics #economics #publicpolicy #regulation and all things #EU

Downtime is all for #cats #dogs #boardgames  #gardening #WorldCuisine #SciFi #progrock  #psychedelicrock #stonerrock #bluesrock

Below you'll find lists of journalists and scholars that you can follow

Let’s do an #introduction.

I’m a journalist at BBC Monitoring, on a break from Disinformation as a newsroom wonk. I specialise in North Korea but also Tech, Proliferation, media freedom & media behaviour.

Author of the book/website/Facebook page/Twitter account Angry People in Local Newspapers (Penguin, 2018).

Former internet celebrity (best British blogger in the days when this was all fields).

Recovering compulsive gambler, mental health advocate, multiple divorcee. Likes dogs. And cats.

Hi, I have to say I’m thrilled to have found this space! Like many, I found my way here because of all the nonsense going on in that other place. I’m an older guy recently exiting a career of 30 years in and looking for what’s next. I grew up in an engineering family where math, science and self sufficiency mattered. After a long and circuitous route through , , , and , I chose a second career in medicine and . I specialized in pain, , and complaints. I’m a curious and open person by nature and love a friendly conversation. A few interest tags will give you an idea of what is rolling around inside this meat sack.

, , , , , , , , , , , biology, , , , , , , fiction, , now,

And oh so many other things. Cheers!

@andreiz Here is the book by Raubenheimer and Simpson about their hypothesis. A fun and interesting read.

Just learned more about a "year-long study of the dietary habits of 9,341 Australians" by ABS re-enforcing the , which claims that drives our as our body seeks to fulfill its need

I think I figured out how to do . I'll post here science related stuff (mostly links to articles I've read) and then re-post it on , b/c that can repost it to . I'm a bit concerned that neither is terribly permanent, but posting on both helps if one disappears.

"Creating the game was a collaborative effort with... a variety of sponsors, including its largest backer, Cadillac Fairview."

“At CF, real estate is our game. So it's only fitting"

It's Monopoly, but with higher rents and CF rules: first person to completely cover the map with empty high-rise condos wins, regardless of their debt! 😔

Also, if you stay in one place too long, or voice concerns about the rules, you go to jail.

Police launch #Toronto edition of #Monopoly

@freemo I didn't come from Twitter but what drew me to the platform is one of the things driving migrants nuts. I like the servers have their own personalities. I love academics and intelligent banter so I've fallen in love with qoto immediately. Migrants seem to have an awkward adjustment to the idea of destination oriented posts and timelines. I think it's brilliant. But I still owe the migration credit cause I read about it in Reuters.

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