made celeri au gratin today, had to substitute the parmesan and had no cream, still great!

essentially you just cook celery in a tomato sauce, put cheese on top and bake it.

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@Charinus transforms celery into fine dining! :)

the sauce is a pretty basic tomato sauce with onions and garlic and a dash of vinegar and half a teaspoon sugar. celery is quartered and cut into fine slices. cook in the sauce until it's soft. then just bake it with the cheese on top. original recipe calls for adding cream to the sauce before baking and using parmesan cheese.

@McMongoose i really don't know what the permitted uses of parmesan are in italy :blobshrug:

Now that is summer all we eat is potato salad because it's so stupidly hot :jahy_dead2:
@bonifartius we usually just do chimkem potato salad :shrug: not a lot of imagination in this kitchen
@bonifartius must try that. they sell celery roots here but they're not much popular because nobody knows what to do with them. celery is mainly used as spice for soup or something here. haven't seen it as a separate dish. and this recipe looks nice for vegetarians and simple.

@iron_bug same here, there always is celery but the only thing used for it is soup stock. prepared like this celery has an interesting flavor, savory but sweet. a bit like other cooked roots like carrots. the recipe is from celia brooks "world vegetarian classics". can be found "online" but is absolutely worth to have as book if you can find it used somewhere.

cc @Charinus

@bonifartius @iron_bug Ooo, very nice. Thank you. I'm gonna give this a shot when I get a chance.
@bonifartius We successfully grew our own celery here this year. This looks nice. I'll have to think about it.

@kekkerel thats nice! unfortunately most of my things didn't grow that well. i really need to do the hรผgelkultur stuff next time, the soil here really is too meager.

@bonifartius Gardening became a rather different activity when I began to have access to manure from my own animals. The yields are just night and day. Went from getting carrots thick as my finger to carrots (some of them anyways) as thick as my wrist. This in spite of the weird rainfall we got this year.
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