I need to get myself a couple of Pi Picos I have too many projects and I only have one raspberry pi 😅

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I do not like that this needs to exist, but I'mma boost it until it's not. Do likewise, as you will.

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About 2 hours exposure of the #Andromeda #Galaxy #M31 last night from my driveway.

#Fujifilm X-T4 through Meade 70mm APO. Stacked in Sequator.


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"the secret scientists don't want you to know!!" Dude have you ever met a single scientist? My scientist friends are desperate for me to know about the changing mating habits of Brown marmorated stink bugs. They're screaming at the top of their lungs to tell you EVERYTHING.

I had a great break, and now time to get back to the grindstone and finish this semester strong. :)

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Writing my own I2C driver for a little fun project and oh man.. I'm learning a lot today 😂

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También los padres aportan grandes lecciones, como en el caso de la pintora Esperanza Romero, que enseña a sus hijos (el mayor de los cuales sería luego pintor y docente), retratada magistralmente por su marido Manuel García "Hispaleto".

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I got the COVID and flu vaccine at the same time yesterday and I feel like someone threw me in a dryer and left it on for a week. 😞 Next time I will get a then at different times.. 🥲

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I dunno what people are watching this weekend ... but I'm sure checking in on the casually flying on to the .

Yes, you can track the in real time! And the creatives here on can download the data for or other purposes. :)

I've summarized some of what you can do with the tracking data here: space.com/artemis-1-orion-trac

@0xbadc0fee Sure! I am using a 2.4GHz parabolic gird antenna made by Altelix, Nooelec Sawbird LNA for 1.688Ghz (GOES transmit frequency) and the Nooelec NESDR SMArTee XTR all with a raspberry pi. I hacked in a SSD1306 oled display driver so I could see the vit while I was adjusting!

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RT @kennaculture@twitter.com

#atomicclocks are an underlying piece of #quantumtechnology that many take for granted. In the latest #article with @InQuantumTech@twitter.com, I talk to experts from @ColdQuanta@twitter.com and @NPL@twitter.com to discuss the importance of these devices.

#quantum #quantumcomputing

🐦🔗: twitter.com/kennaculture/statu

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I think I never made a proper #introduction here so here it goes: I am a particle physicist working at the #ATLAS experiment at the #LHC at #CERN. Back in the day, I worked for the competition, at the #CMS experiment. I like the Higgs boson, the top quark and BSM searches that include them. I am also active in future Higgs factories, especially FCC-ee, and how we can use them to find new physics. #ScienceMastodon

I never did a formal so I guess I should!

My name is Brandon Boudreaux and I was born and raised in ! I moved to , in 2014. I am currently an undergraduate student at Wayne State University studying . My focus is replacing classically slow hydrodynamic simulations of Quark Gluon Plasma() with . My models are able to translate initial state conditions to experimental observables without having to run expensive simulations!

Other than school, I enjoy , , , , , , , , and much more. 😅

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African perspectives on climate change research:


Look at how many are about agriculture and food security, basic services like energy, adaptation, etc. This is not where the mitigation challenge is. It's where the effects of climate change are being felt.

#Africa #ClimateChange #COP27

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Hopefully you enjoy our one to nine rubidium-87 Bose-Einstein condensates generated using painted optical potentials as much as we do! 🤩

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