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@chamberlainnl wow I heard about this on NPR last year glad to see it’s moving along! Good luck!

Very large (very cool) image of earth GOES16 

@DoctorRinny good luck! It takes a bit of tinkering. I have to 3D print a case and weather proof it for continuous operation but I’m so glad I finally got it working 😅 Let me know if you need anything!

outside, have my room really cold, three blankets and all ready for ! I love so much I can’t wait:)

Very large (very cool) image of earth GOES16 

Finally, after a year of procrastinating, I got my receiver working. Here is a full color of the earth at 22Z that I pulled right off GOES 16! :)

@AndresPlazaR @freemo wow… sorry you have to deal worth that. I hope everything works out for you!

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It looks like another surge of twitter users might be on the way... One user just mentioned some drama over at twitter with musk locking out employees. I looked at the users bot (see attached quote) and youll notice a distinctive spike starting to form off to the right... here we go


Mastodon Users  
6,895,335 accounts +6,411 in the last hour +43,916 in the last day +407,557 in the last week

@freemo Apparently there was a massive culture shift set to take place today and a very large amount of people resigned. Elon also locked everyone out of twitterHQ so no one can badge in or out. I would say yeah, you should prepare 😂

Looks like is going to implode tonight.. Hope it happens before bedtime 😂

@wxheather You know I'm not too sure, I think if you just return back data from the controller instead of HTML it can function how you like. I would defer to @mattkram I haven't personally used it before, they might know more.

@wxheather Django!

I am thinking about writing a backend for my website so I can do some kinda blogging while I am finishing my undergrad.

@s_gruppetta If you’re interested, I use the graphic a lot when I tutor calc 1 students to illustrate the difference quotient turning into the derivative

@s_gruppetta what is insane to me, before I started college and really had to learn these relations, I had absolutely no idea what was actually going on. I fall over myself trying to shed light on this for other people now!

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Let’s try this again. Where you at #fediverse? Boosts welcome so we can get the best sample size.

Might see a little snow/rain mix in Detroit today! Woohoo!!

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@SusantaC I love reading, but I don’t do it very often and I think the reason why is because when I read, I like to read for multiple hours at a time and being an adult doesn’t give me that luxury. I think that’s why I used to read a lot as a kid but I don’t read a lot anymore. I would say if you’re dedicated to reading start slow, eventually, will be able to increase the amount that you read each day.:)

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Hi there,

This is the official Mastodon account for the Python Software Foundation (PSF.) We're the non-profit home of the Python programming language and our mission is to to promote, protect, and advance the Python programming language, and to support and facilitate the growth of a diverse and international community of Python programmers.

We also run PyCon US,

We're excited to be here. :D

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