And I had the pleasure to chat with the admin of a nice and progressive Mastodon instance. I had heard about, my feline loving friend Georgia hosts he nice @cats curated feline posting account there.

@freemo vouched for Quey's admin, which is a huge endorsement in my view too.

Plus, European location, under European Union Privacy laws -- this is something high on my considerations list.

goes to our friends at -- be added in a upcoming new version 2 of my "Why Choosing an Instance is Important" blog post -- quite popular and very satisfying to me as a curious and author.

Read original post for now?

@cats @freemo @snder Kudos for nice work.

Thanks for support Feline lovers, Spanish speakers and allowing native language posting in the instance.

Muchas gracias. Somos todos Uno.


@cats @freemo @snder

And thanks to the excellent added features included in the Mastodon fork, hard work performed by our admin and the many original programmers (, GlitchSoc, etc), we can also visit a remote instance and see their Local Timeline.

For us at least, here at Qoto, this link shows it :

Before any misunderstandings happen, this ONLY shows Public posts, done at the remote instance Local feed and ALSO sent on to all Federation members.

Would be nice to see this added to main stream -- maybe the developers could see the value and look at porting it?

Qoto's fork is on the Git here, open source and close to ready if desired for importing.

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