Good morning everyone. How are you today?

@freemo yeah. Its a really good ui and has great accessibility for screen reader users like myself.

@n0btc I will have to check it out sometime. I know our other moderator @design_RG talks about it and likes it too.

@freemo @n0btc
Yes, Pinafore is Elite Client. 😜 Love it.

And it's even better in a pc or laptop.

...other than the huge wasted space at the sides of the center panel... I tried to convince Nolan to do a AWI friendly model.

Made a Mockup image too. πŸ™‚

sent my agreement from Pinafore. i like it too🐘
@freemo @n0btc

sorry, I do not quite understand what does panels pina mean here, would you mind describing more details?

@freemo @n0btc



Sure, not a problem.

Pinafore displays Toot and notifications in a single vertical Panel, similar to the default Mastodon Web client in that sense.

What you see in your own Pinafore, it's a single vertical Column, a Panel of information.

And on my 1600 pixels wide screen - sh1t, there's SO MUCH wasted space, not even funny.

That is the main reason I don't use Pinafore exclusively. It is light, fast, has great features and as i mentioned, it's for Elite Users. I have about 10 instances fully configured -- and can switch from one to another with ONE click. No kidding.

But... Proper use of a wide screen display is something I have lifted the flag for sometime ago. That Topic is from December, 2019.

I went in person to and wrote to Eugen there -- showing my ideas. He saw and briefly commented, but he has too many things on his plate already.

My current solution is using the mastodon web client BUT --- Turbo enhanced to max performance and Space usage.

What hopefully someday main stream Mastodon could be.

See 800 pixels screenshot here, attached. Full size, 1600 pixels wide -- for details -->

Notice a few things :

* NO wasted space at sides!
* TWO large, Wide panels, which can display Local and Notifications, or any other combination you like.
* See the BIG Toot Editor, where I am writing this mega reply?

Yeah, that's a Tool for Writers. πŸ˜ƒ

I can't live with the limitations of regular vanilla clients. Need Power Tools, for productivity.

is adequate, this is an Important discussion to have

Recipe for above described Setup?

Discourse Forum topic with details and illustrations :

* I am using here mastodon WebClient in AWI mode enabled.
* and the Total Screen use is made possible by the Collapsed Mastodon Add-on for Firefox, (also available for Chrome).
* which is what give me the oh-so-great freaking BIG Reply box. Under Every Post I need. It won't be so large, by default, but it EXPANDS as I type away.

Good ideas deserve to be Seen. Wish Eugen would consider those. Collapsed Mastodon is on a Git repository, it's open sourced too.

@freemo @n0btc

Long post 


Ah, I see, and Nolan has taken a lot of care and attention to the acessibilty issues people brought up front when he was working on Pinafore.

We all have different needs and wish for tools that best fit them. I am glad you found a nice solution for the mobile device, and since you are not depending on the visual display as most of us, it is probably a great tool for you.

Discussing people's ideas and needs is a great way to map the road ahead! πŸ˜„
@Sphinx @freemo


I made a Discourse Forum post with the Same content as the post above, but Enhanced Formatting that makes it easier and more pleasurable to read.

@freemo @n0btc


Please forgive my long tirade, Robot Pirate, it's just that it is a passion issue for me.

Now copied and formatted nicely in Discourse, and it will be on my Blog soon - I love it as my platform of choice for Content Production.

@freemo @n0btc

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