@compass_straight_edge I know this is possible just not sure how to
Inline math Latex support - Use \ ( and \ ) for inline LaTeX, and \ [ and \ ] for display mode.



@zleap @compass_straight_edge @freemo

>> @design_RG help please.

Sorry but LaTeX is not my thing. No idea how to use it, although the output is pretty for Math work.

@design_RG @compass_straight_edge @freemo

I can try and help with LaTeX, in fact i think it may be worth adding this to my


We can perhaps use the discourse forum as there is a section under Chemistry on LaTeX

Perhaps also use
if we need help beyond that.


If enabling latex on discourse is important to you I'll take a closer look at it and see if i can get it up again. Probably isnt too hard.

@design_RG @compass_straight_edge

@freemo @design_RG @compass_straight_edge I was thinking just a q/a thing but it may be useful, thanks eap for support

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