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@itsecbot People are saying, conservatives have programmers! :ablobsplosion:

@Dawnz He is also signing another where as part of his new doctrine, for some, will now be mandatory!

@freemo When your arms are too short to properly hug, you may over compensate in other ways!

@FordFischer I hear they were chanting Booodybags when asked to mask up at the . :blobcatghostdead:

@NYPost Missed
Family Living on the edge lives on an !

Food, silly 

@faho Sounds much better than ! ! :blobcatglowsticks:

@alex Do they have anything of value? Money? intelligence? Used ? 🍌

@cs how many of these were also at the ? 🌨️ 🎭 :blobcatdead:

@Some_Emo_Chick A politician once asked, If you can pick your , can you pick your voters nose? 🐽

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