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"Indeed in 2019, Britain’s National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) chose to purge itself of its LGBTQ+ representatives rather than showing solidarity with them in the face of anti-LGBTQ+ smears against the organization."

CSA Prevention Blog 

Finally got around to finishing a blog piece that's been sitting in my drafts folder for a bit. Talks about #research #funding and #csa #prevention through an ongoing project of mine.

I know my approach is not a typical one, but I've always appreciated the paths less traveled. If you're curious about that "path less traveled," take a moment to read this post. I'm grateful that you did!

Telling kids that people who commit abuse are monsters prevents them from recognizing abuse when the perpetrator is someone they love and trust.

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stop referring to child sexual exploitation material as “child porn.”

pornography refers to erotic material consensually produced by adults. children are incapable of giving consent. their participation in “pornography” is never consensual & always exploitation.

"This backs up the growing consensus among experts that improving access to support for MAPs could lead to lower rates of child sexual abuse."

"Notably, the more recent study also found that some MAPs who offended had attempted to seek therapy beforehand but encountered barriers that prevented them from receiving support."

Jeremy Malcolm writes about how ""groomer" slurs are used against LGBT people, and also against people working in the field of child abuse prevention.

"Overreactions to uncomfortable facts about abuse even harm CSA survivors, such as the member of the Scottish Parliament who received death threats after correctly explaining that abusers are often friends and family members of their victims."

"A world with improved access to support for MAPs, widespread knowledge on CSA prevention, and reduced rates of abuse may seem like a distant dream, but there are simple steps most people can take today to help make it a reality."

but moral panics—where individuals are presented as unclear threats to a social order that must be preserved by exiling them—that's the preferred mode of social control on the right. but it has appeal beyond the right, which is what makes it really dangerous.

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"Both child abuse and mental health issues thrive when discussions about them are silenced by stigma, shame, and fear. It is only by speaking up and providing a space for others to do the same that we can bring about a better, safer world."

"Part of the solution is to lock up fewer minors. Society would be better served treating rather than criminalizing much adolescent behavior."

This experimental therapy program for people who want help to stop viewing illegal content is now accepting registrations for their second phase. Research like this is essential to finding more effective approaches to prevent abusive images of minors from spreading online.

If we have learned anything from history, it is never good when the people in power start compiling lists of members of minority groups.

Sorry to link to the #birdsite but I did a long thread there about how #KOSA (the deeply misguided #KidsOnlineSafetyAct) is a major threat to online access to #abortion information, fundraising and organizing.

Congressional leaders are deciding like RIGHT NOW what bills go into the #omnibus package. Anyone who can please reach out to oppose #KOSA and support actually good bills like #OAMA, #AICOA, and #ADPPA.

If you can afford to financially support human rights-focused organizations, now would be a good time to donate to Free Speech Coalition, @team, Woodhull Freedom Foundation, and @ProstasiaInc

Did you know that Prostasia is the only child protection organization that welcomes sex workers to be a part of child protection? Sex workers and LGBTQ+ are encouraged to apply for our volunteer staff:

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You can be concerned about CSAM and still be wary of bycatch censorship of legally protected speech, just as you can be concerned about terrorism and also be wary of Patriot Act surveillance state.

“The LGBTQ+ community is actively under attack, and it’s unthinkable that Democrats are considering advancing a bill that will further harm us and disproportionately target queer and trans young people.”

I wrote for @ProstasiaInc about the barriers that prevent individuals who experience an attraction to children from seeking support and how reducing and removing those barriers can lead to reduced rates of abuse, among other benefits.

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