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A recent study finds that CP/CSEM victimisation as a child can lead to anxiety, suicidal thoughts and relationship problems in adult life, but that those who view such material don't often escalate to contact abuse.

"“I had forgotten what it was like to be afraid for my life because of my sexuality, and that is exactly what these bigots want. They want to scare us back into the closet.”"

Survivors of abuse are not a monolith. Many have unique experiences, challenges, and coping mechanisms. That's why Prostasia believes that all survivors deserve support and an opportunity to heal in whatever way works best for them, while avoiding any further harm.

Opposing abuse prevention measures won't win you any points with pro-abuse bigots. It just makes you look like an ass.

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Some survivors are experts, and some experts are not survivors. You are an expert in your OWN life experiences, but not necessarily others’. And often, victims internalize the lies fed to them by their abusers. They may go on to repeat them to invalidate other victims.

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I NEED you to know that the most banned book in the U.S. was written by an asexual, nonbinary author and bigots are calling it grooming and pornography.

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"Banning books such as Gender Queer is not only a restriction of the freedom of expression, but also a harmful message to youth everywhere..."

A high school junior wrote this succinct and powerful letter to the editor about the real harm of book bans.

A recent tweet of ours in support of the trans community was mischaracterized and has been deleted to avoid confusion. Prostasia stands behind trans people in their fight for equal rights and has lobbied against transphobic laws in several states.

Getting real tired of seeing members of marginalized groups oppose prevention efforts in the hopes of gaining some morsel of acceptance from bigots. They're never going to support you, and all you're doing is impeding the work of people who want to prevent abuse. It's zero reward for a massive downside.

Our first new member for 2023 just joined. You too can support the gutsiest prevention-focused child protection and human rights organization that ever existed - from just $5 per month.

Fearmongering about "normalization" preys on the misconception that abnormality is what makes child sexual abuse wrong. In reality, CSA is bad because it harms children, causes trauma, and reflects a violation of boundaries.

This is important because this fearmongering is often used to justify spreading misinformation, which actually harms prevention efforts and can lead to higher rates of CSA.

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A trans woman in Texas was harassed for being trans; she filled a police report and was then arrested for “filing a false report” and “being a man in a dress”. Violence against trans people is escalating and becoming a more direct goal of the state.

Prostasia Foundation is seeking proposals from qualified researchers to conduct an evaluation of the peer support group MAP Support Club (MSC).

Taking out insurance to pay off victims is not a solution to child sexual abuse.
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Hang on... wut?

LIABILITY insurance?!?

"as Prostasia Foundation prepares to introduce its new Executive Director for 2023, the time is right for us to return to the field of political advocacy – and we are looking to recruit a new Activist to our team to lead this work."

"During 2022, the rights and safety of LGBTQ+ people have come under renewed challenge, not only in the United States, but also in Eastern Europe."

After initially being hesitant about the migration from Twitter I'm giving a go. Follow here for posts about , , and (focusing on political research). Hopefully this place can be a bit of a hive for a research-focused messaging!

Our latest paper exploring the treatment targets identified by people who are sexually attracted to children is now out (and open-access) in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy.

Science says that "destigmatizing pedophilia", aka "improve the psychological well-being of people with pedophilic sexual interests", can help prevent sexual abuse.
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New Twitter policy is to follow the science, which necessarily includes reasoned questioning of the science

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