@freemo @pwinn

BTW, do we have a common agreement on what "violent" is?

I consider these violent:

- Killing scenes in a way which are so realistic
- Raping scenes
- Decapitation scenes especially if they are so realistic.
- cutting of organs especially if they are so realistic

@freemo @pwinn

Do you have any research supporting your opinion? I would like to read about them.

@pwinn @freemo

For everyone violent video games are harmless or for the right ages? E.g. a 18+ video game is harmless for people at least 18 and older.


Great story from a friend. If you cannot read Persian, you might want to use a Machine translator.

مأموریت تعریف نشده

روی سطحِ سیاره، جانوری سه‌پا، سه‌چشم، سه‌گوش، سه‌شاخ و سه‌دم در حالِ چریدنِ علف‌هایی بنفش بود. در همین بین، فضاپیمایی غول‌آسا از آسمان به پایین آمد و همان کنارها نشست. fediverse.blog/~/سایفایفا/مأمو

@farooqkz @rogueren I don't think that is really true or at least it would need more research than guessing. There are clients that have 3 more features and Element has 5 more features than those clients. Since features come in different sizes, it really matters what features you need in the comparison than the raw count. By default Element doesn't have pinned messages, custom emotes, status messages, knocking, tags, stories and a few more things. Many others do have that.


Spaces in Matrix don't exactly work like Discord guilds. They just group a few Matrix rooms into one.


Yeah that would count. Regarding locking rooms(like channels) to certain roles, I make the rooms private and invite whoever I wish. But Matrix doesn't have guilds like Discord does. Recently however, Spaces has been added with which one can group several rooms into one space(and possibly other spaces, too). But they aren't an alternative to Discord servers/guilds.

@deepbluev7 @rogueren

Oh wow I didn't know. But I think Element is yet the most feature complete client out there.

@rogueren I don't know about emotes but doesn't support roles like does. And I don't think roles are such a super useful feature which makes people leave Matrix for Discord. I think what Matrix currently lacks are good and efficient server and client softwares. The protocol is rapidly changing and it's not easy for developers to keep up to date. So we have only one server software which supports every feature and only one client software in the same state.

@centaury The only reason I had on my phone was that I had to be in university related groups. Now the regime during the protests(related tag: )has censored both whatsapp and and now all those groups have moved to so I don't have it on my phone anymore.


The same would happen for me with which is a fork of

If you think Element is feature complete but buggy, unstable and slow, we think just like each other! But I haven't looked for other options, yet.

I use SchildiChat on and and on

طبیعتا نباید وقتی روشن میکنه روشن نشه و برای روشن کردنش باید هیچ کار بکنه؟ ولی جالب بود


لینوکس آزاد هست اما تنها با مشارکت مردم ساخته نشده. خیلی شرکت‌ها توی ساختش مشارکت کردن.

در مورد ویکی‌پدیا هم یه تصور نادرست هست که چون هرکسی میتونه ویکی‌پدیا رو ویرایش کنه در نتیجه هرکس میتونه هر چیزی توش بنویسه. البته ویکی‌پدیا اجبارا قابل اعتماد نیست ولی از ویرایش توسط همه کس، وجود هر نوع مطلبی نتیجه نمیشه. مطالب داخل ویکی‌پدیا باید منبع‌دار و قابل اثبات باشن و البته یه مقاله ویکی‌پدیا باید بی‌طرفی رو رعایت کنه. البته با توجه به وسعت علوم، ممکنه همه جای ویکی‌پدیا اینطور نباشه و یه نفر توی یه مقاله خرابکاری هم کنه و تا مدت زمان قابل توجهی از چشم ویرایش‌گر‌ها مخفی بمونه.

Those who have a repository somewhere and don't want to accept changes to their repository but at the same time don't specify this somewhere, are insulting other people and wasting their time.

Some examples:





Note that regarding the last one to PilzAdam's repo, I don't think he is to blame as it seems that he has left.

"If you go with democracy, you are allowed to make mistakes. If you go with dictatorship, you have to be perfect and that [even if it could exist] won't last." -- Lance R. Vick


@farooqkz Same here, good software defense and dev ops are an extremely high priority.

I learned a cool trick you might like, I disabled ICMP services on a few of my servers including ping, and now most IP/port scanners pass right over my server because it looks dead. 😂 It cut down attempts by about a third a month.

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