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If you are a teenager who considers himself/herself not worthy and dumb, you must read this:

Work on adding QR code authentication in the spec, a terminal Matrix client that uses vim keybindings (but we promise you can escape the Matrix), and improvement to the (community maintained) synapse admin cli… that and more happened this week in Matrix!


Good luck then. I don't have any discussion with you.

@Revertron So because you believe they are misinformation, you must spread misinformation about them?

@ec670 @Pat @BobKerns @freemo @tonic

Sorry I don't understand most of what you are saying. Does that "you" refer to me?

@wepiphany @Pat @freemo @BobKerns @tonic

That's wrong. The main difference between the Shia and Sunni is that the Shia believes that the Prophet Muhammad chose someone(Ali ibn Abitalib and his offsprings) to lead the Muslims after him. And Sunnis believe that the Prophet didn't choose anyone and left it up to people to choose. Sunnis have strong emphasis on Shura. e.g. that people together choose someone to lead them and manage their city or country. Sunni's only consider the rule of 4 or 5 after the Prophet right because they were chosen by people. After that, they consider it kingdom because people were not choosing their leaders but because someone(e.g. current King/Caliph) chose the next one who is usually his son. This belief of Sunni Muslims is so close to Modern day's democracy.

However, there are branches of Shia which don't believe that the Prophet chose someone Ali for leading after his death but that Ali was better for leading the Muslims after the Prophet than the one Muslims actually chose.


You may to choose to believe in Quran or not to believe in it. That's your choice and I, as a Muslim, can only invite you and not force you. However, please don't spread misinformation in general. @Pat @freemo @BobKerns @tonic

There are two groups:

1. I don't pray the prayer because I believe I must not pray the prayer.

2. I don't pray the prayer simply because I'm lazy but I do believe that I must pray the prayer.

If I am among the former group, I am not a Muslim anymore because I have problem in my belief and this belief is simply against Islam because from Quran and Hadiths, it is clear that Prayers are mandatory.

If I am among the latter group, I am still a Muslim however guilty because I am not praying the prayer. God may forgive me later on the day of Judgement or may not. But I'm still a Muslim.

Regarding interpretations, if you have studied Quran, there are some stuff in Quran which have exactly one interpretation because the verses from Quran and their Hadith counterparts are clear as crystal.

Like praying the prayer, fasting Ramethan, believing in the Bible as a scripture from God, prophecy of Muhammad, Abraham, Jesus, and others, that Alcohol is forbidden, that we must be honest, that we must not do gay sex, that we must pray the Friday prayer and a lot more stuff.

@freemo okay then my point is that there is only one possible understanding of plus plus a healthy mind which most people have. As an example, please tell me your understanding of this verse:

Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, and those with him are stern against the deniers, merciful to one another; you see them kneeling, prostrating, seeking grace from Allah and good pleasure; their marks are on their faces from the effect of prostration. Such is their description in the Torah and their description in the Gospel: like vegetation that sprouted, then became strong, then grew thick, then rested on its stem, impressing the farmers. Through them He enrages the deniers. Allah has promised those of them who have attained faith and have done righteous deeds forgiveness and a great reward.

Please tell me your understand of the first sentence.

@otso @freemo my point is that God's command must be self-explaining and must not have any need to explanation or interpretation. If I add an explanation, that is my word and not God's. As an additional note, Hadith is also considered God's commandment. As a conclusion of this, what Mullahs or Imams or whoever say are not like God's word.

@freemo I beg to differ. Such a thing is not allowed. If it is God's command, only he is permitted to change it. I cannot add a single word or miss one. isn't what you are talking about changing his word by making extensions to it which you call interpretation.

@freemo okay so I ask you: Quran commands Muslims to fight and kill unbelievers. Can you explain this to me? Must I kill my atheist friend?

@freemo no I have read just a small part of Quran. Not enough to have a unified view. So in discussions like this I present my understanding which have been formed by reading his small portion. I think this is something else which slipped through my mind.

@Revertron Sealing the heart is itself a punishment for persisting in disbelief or for disobeying God's command.

@freemo @Pat @BobKerns @tonic

Hmm I'm 22 and I study Quran since I've learned which is from about 7-8 years ago. And I haven't studied even a 1/5 times, yet.

I think our scales are different then :/

@freemo @Pat @BobKerns @tonic

I'm surprised you've studied Quran a dozen times. How old are you if I may ask?

Hello everyone who use and have a phone. I've added presence support in

Please test it with your homeserver and let me know if it works or not. For my HS, it shows offline for all of my contacts(gray badge):

Donations are also welcome. I've put a BCH address in the README. You can also donate a KaiOS device if the device has one or more of these features:

- KaiOS 3.x
- Less than 512MB of RAM
- Selfie/Front camera for video call
- Volume keys
- Weaker processor than SD205

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