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Congratulations Lydia 🎉. Super interesting research question.
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Congratulations Lydia Lynch @lynchielydia @harvardmed @BrighamWomens @BrighamEndo

Jaysus, is there nothing that isn’t for sale!! Buying authorship on research articles 🤬

What do your MAITs like to eat?

‘MAITabolism2 – the emerging understanding of MAIT cell metabolism and their role in metabolic disease’ - great review from @KediaMehta and @AndyHogan82
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The full version of our new review is out now, discussing MAIT cell metabolism and MAIT cells in metabolic diseases. @AndyHogan82

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One of the most impressive T cell papers in the past decades. A truly humbling experiment and incredibly important insights into T cell biology. @Masopust_Vezys truly amazing. A must read for all T cell biologist (all immunologists really).

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T cells are capable of longevity and division at least 5x the normal organism lifespan (of mice). A 10 year mouse experiment ... slow 👏

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And unopposed marketing goes on. Need a public health obesity act. Happy Easter.

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🚨Last weeks findings🚨@Bims_BiomedNews ⬇️⬇️⬇️

My highlights:
I) @DoctorKvoss & @JeffRathmell find T cell impairment in SLE arises from elevated Transferrin receptor & iron uptake @SciImmunology
II) GOT1 & CD8+ T cells @CellReports

Well, that clears that up then 😁.

Excellent explainer of what the “science is getting less disruptive” study DID and DIDN’T show.

Good man yourself Max 👍😁.
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I'm the reporter who wrote the news story about the "science is getting less disruptive" @Nature paper.

I've seen some misconceptions floating around about what the paper did and did not show.

A few observations: 🧵


Love this imaging from! Amazing just how good high-dimensional confocal is getting...

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Heads up! Macrophages influence DC (and their own) metabolism through nitric oxide. A cautionary tale for GM-CSF-derived DC cultures!

Check out the paper by Lucía @luminarrieta and Janet from the Berod lab @luberod

More insight into how pressure from our immune system shapes the tumours that develop, from Ping-Chi Ho’s lab. @PCHo_Lab
Immunoediting empowers tumours to disarm T cell by imposing metabolic tug-of-war between tumor and infiltrating T cells thus forming the suppressive tumor microenvironment.

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🚨Last weeks discoveries @Bims_BiomedNews ⬇️⬇️⬇️

My highlights:

I) Microbial metabolite harmaline protects systemic inflammation via bile acid-GPR5 signalling
II) Sphingosine synthesis and S1P promote mito fission and trained immunity

Them bugs in our guts are sooo important. Must think more about how to support the good ones.

Microbial metabolite harmaline protects against virus-induced systemic inflammation.

"Because Big Pharma is unconvinced of the profit potential, they're abandoning gene therapies — not just for SCID but for scores of other rare diseases — even when they know the cures work. As a result, kids like Jakob will needlessly suffer and die, denied access to a permanent fix for their illnesses. What's keeping Jakob isolated from the rest of the world, unable to play with a dog or make a friend, isn't his disease. It's the marketplace."

Great review article on fatty acid metabolism and glioblastoma by @JasonMiska1. A really enjoyable read 👍.

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flurry of updates coming your way. First up: Bach2 deletion can create super killer cytotoxic T lymphocytes. How do you ask? well it causes a massive increase in granzymes and perforin. This data from the @griffiths_lab is now up on ImmPRes

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We’ve been named as one of BioSpaces’s NextGen 'Class of 2023', designating us as one of the most promising new life sciences companies in N.America this year. We’re driven by our purpose of pioneering optimally engineered therapies to cure cancer.

The collection of immune cell proteomes is really growing at Simply fantastic resource.
(of many types)

I know for a fact there’s lots of new datasets on the way too 😁
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we have now added our first dataset to ImmPRes. What effect does hypoxia have on neutrophils when they're activated with LPS? and what happens …

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My favourite study of "how often does a family with small children get a respiratory infection?" is this one, from the USA:
Children <5y have one of 16 common respiratory viruses detected in a nasal swab 50% of the year!

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