A Follow Friday from the QOTO instance.

People on qoto worth following:

@Surasanji - Postin' and , along with equally random thoughts, memes, and whatever!

@pkok - Native Amsterdam lecturer AND student in AI/Robotics, starting the new academic year. Also screwing up in the kitchen.

@commandelicious -
Posts Fun facts, history and catsI post Fun fact

@spinflip - A guy with interesting hobbies

@arteteco - Enviromentally minded, great DIY projects

@absolutus - A fellow moderator and good friend. Nice guy.

@Demo318 - Interesting ideas, and good conversation. Looking forward to potential polite debates!

PS if anyone on my server didnt make the list this Follow Friday then you probably didn't opt-in. Message me for details.

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@commandelicious Personally I put that just under the limit. BUT if anyone reports it id delete and redo under CW. I usually count the characters and right now im doing about 1000 max on a post before needing CW. Seems a good norm, but if someone complains just do it anyway on that post as a curtsy is the way i see it.


I might just be overcareful . I CW all the time even under 200.
It was three screen on the mastalab app.
I will think about this.

@commandelicious I think a lot of people would appreciate it if you CW excessively, some people dont care. I want to make the server policy a liberal number, and then if people want to be more conservative they can.. A number sane enough not to piss people off but large enough to give people some freedom in expression.

@freemo It would be great if there was a auto-unfold for CW's.

@freemo @commandelicious I'd certainly be cool with an auto CW or popup or something when I get long winded. You guys already know I like to do that. :3

@freemo @pkok @commandelicious @spinflip @arteteco @absolutus @Demo318 Sea Lions are among the most emotionally aware of marine mammals. Second only to the Manatee.

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